The Fabric Fairy


So my 4-year-old and I walked down to the mailbox together on Friday, and oh happy day, there was fabric in there. It was the “Doe, a Deer” custom bundle from Fabric Worm. (I’m trying to collect enough pink and green fat quarters to make a bed-sized quilt for my daughter.)

As I pulled that nice fat envelope out of the mailbox, I said to Miss E., “Hey, isn’t it great when we get fabric in the mail?” Her reply: “Yeah! But how do they know what you want? Do they just guess?”

I had a good laugh over that one. If only it really worked that way. I’m picturing some sort of fabric fairy who randomly sends yummy prints to people through the mail, just out of the kindness of her heart.

Then I realized something. Maybe there really is such a thing (kind of). I just signed up for my first swap: Gen X Quilter’s Ho-Ho Holiday Swap. Real life doesn’t often emulate something from a 4-year-old’s imagination, but in this case, someone actually will “guess” what fabric I might want and then mail it to me. Plus, I get to play fabric fairy for somebody else! Who wouldn’t like that? Why did it take me so long to start participating in these things?

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  1. Wandering Minstrel
    Wandering Minstrel says:

    But–I went shopping for the Ho-Ho Holiday Swap, and I am now filled with anxiety! How do I know that I got the right fabrics? Will I be laughed out of the group? *bites nails*

    Well, my daughter helped pick at least one of them, so I can maybe blame her… 🙂

    I do love the idea of a Fabric Fairy, though.

  2. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Oh no, I don't want to give anybody any anxiety! When I said that, I was just trying to be cute and bring it back around to what my daughter said. I don't expect anybody to read my mind or anything. : ) And the chance to get fabric that's a little outside my own "norm" is one of the reasons I signed up for this, so I'm sure whatever you got, it will be appreciated.

    I love that you let your daughter pick out one of your swap fabrics! I think I'll let mine pick one out too, she'll love that. I swear that kid gets as excited in fabric stores as I do! : )

  3. Louise Marie
    Louise Marie says:

    Oh, how fun. I have never done a swap. i am afraid that i would not do someone good, that i would be the bad fabric fairy instead of the good one. Your daughter sounds like a chip off the old block, an acorn that does not fall far from the tree. She couldn't help but get some of that good stuff by living in the same house with you. Until next time………….


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