On Deadline


Happy Monday! I had some pesky social obligations this weekend, not to mention a smallish volunteer project for my daughter’s preschool, so I didn’t get as much sewing done as I had hoped. Amongst all that, I did manage to make a little progress on my Three Generations quilt. Not much, but a little.

I’ll be seeing my grandma in less than three weeks. She lives very far away, so I probably won’t see her in person again until next summer. It would nice to have this quilt done in time to give it to her when I see her. And I’m not talking about “done,” as in “I have no idea how, when or even if it will be quilted, but isn’t this top pretty?” No, I’m talking done, as in really done—quilted, bound, the whole shebang. So tonight after the girlies are in bed, I might just barricade myself into my sewing room until I have a completed top and a back. If it’s 7 a.m. Tuesday and nobody’s heard from me, please tell my husband that the kids probably want oatmeal for breakfast.

And I have many more things in the works that I can’t wait to post about, as soon as I get a chance! I might even have a tutorial or two up my sleeve. So stay tuned.

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