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Lattice Work


I’m finally making some progress on my Urban Lattice Quilt-Along quilt!

Last week I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I changed the proportions of the original block design, so I had no idea how it would turn out.

But this week? Completely. Loving. This quilt.

Loving the fairy tale theme of the Far Far Away 2 prints. Loving the muted colors. (I eliminated a few of the deeper FFA prints.) Loving the Kona Stone I chose for the lattice strips. I think it’s all absolutely perfect for the mother and baby I had in mind when designing it.

I made the modifications to Cara’s block design because I wanted to really play up the FFA prints. So these blocks will be 8″ square finished, instead of 12″. The lattice is 0.75″ wide instead of 1″, and the cream background strips are 1.25″ finished.

And while I can understand why Cara paper-pieced this quilt the way she did (with reference lines instead of sewing lines), I did a few blocks that way and wasn’t thrilled with the results. My presser foot was somehow flipping up the edge of the fabric a little, and it was screwing me up. (Did this happen to anybody else?) So my seams were a little wavy instead of nice and straight. It drove me crazy. After some experimentation, I decided to paper-piece it the traditional way instead, sewing directly onto the lines.

This meant I had to adjust the placement of the lines to where I wanted the seams to be. It also meant I needed to glue the lattice pieces to the unmarked side of the paper. As a result, I marked my lines on the printed side of the paper, so the printing wouldn’t show through where bits of the paper remained stuck to the fabric. Marking on the printed side wasn’t ideal, but I do like Cara’s idea of using scrapbook paper, since it’s already square. Plus, I had a book of 8″ scrapbook paper on hand that I hadn’t touched in five years, so might as well put it to use!

After marking the printed side and gluing the lattice piece to the opposite unprinted side, I flipped the whole thing over to sew directly onto the lines. There’s something satisfyingly assured and concrete about sewing on the lines—you know it’s going to be pretty darn accurate, regardless of how wonky your cutting was. I like that about this method!

Of course, the drawback is that this method works best when you cut your fabric a bit larger than what you actually need. So there is substantially more waste than with Cara’s method. I’m kind of anal, so I’ll take the accuracy, even if it means wasting some fabric. But that’s just me. : )

I’ve done 12 blocks, so I have 30 more to go. Can’t wait to finish this one up—I’m thinking it’s going to be a tough one to give away!

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  1. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    I LOVE this! I'm working on a Kitchen Windows quilt using these fabrics. I used Kona white for the window panes and got Kona ivory for the sashing. Seeing your gray really makes me with I had gone with that instead of the ivory!

  2. Me? A Mom?
    Me? A Mom? says:

    ACK!! I love it! I'm so glad someone did an 8" block. I might need to make a third lattice quilt using your proportions! I have some AMH little folks that might work well for that!

  3. angela
    angela says:

    It looks amazing! I've been waiting to see how this was coming along.

    And you're speaking to my heart! Following the lines and a tad of waste in trade for accuracy is my mantra whether paper piecing or trimming to square.

  4. Meg
    Meg says:

    I love the changes you made to the original lattice, and your color combo somehow manages to be soothing and fresh at the same time. Love it!

  5. Diane
    Diane says:

    Stunning! This is going to be beautiful. I love the colors and everything.

    For my Christmas quilt I bought an oversized kids doodle pad at the dollar store to use for the paper. It was super easy to tear off when the time came and was perfect for the oversized blocks.

  6. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    Beautiful, incredible quilt. I have to make one just like it before I die!! But, how in the world did you find the pattern/instructions? Please share the information. I've checked both of the posted links and they go nowhere. I have fiddled with drawings but can't quite figure out how you made your strips, cutting angle, etc. This would make a great scrappy quilt. I am so impressed with your precision with the piecing. Congratulations on a job well done. 🙂

  7. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Hi Deanna – Sorry, it looks like the author of the instructions has taken them down! This post is four years old, and I guess that happens with the internet. : ( Bummer! Without the original instructions that I followed I don't remember how I did it, and I gave the quilt away, so I don't even have that to reference! Sorry I'm not more help!


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