Urban Lattice Complete


My Urban Lattice quilt top is done.

This was one of those quilts that drove me crazy when I was trying to decide on a layout. I must have spent a combined total of several hours just moving blocks around on my design wall. And wouldn’t you know it, once I finally settled on a layout I liked, I got it mixed up when I sewed the blocks together. Cara suggested a great method for labeling them to keep this from happening, but did I follow that? Of course not. I wanted to tear the paper off before I decided on a layout, because the blocks wouldn’t stick to my design wall with the paper still on them. Then I was too lazy to get out the masking tape. And I really didn’t think it was necessary anyway, since it’s all of about three feet from my design wall to my machine. How could they get mixed up from there to here? Apparently, they could. And now it’s making me crazy enough that I’m actually thinking of trying to un-sew one particular block and put in something different. We’ll see how motivated I am to do that a few days from now.

But aside from those few blocks sticking in my craw, I really am loving this quilt and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s probably one of my favorite quilts I’ve done so far. Thank you, Cara, for a wonderful quilt-along. It will pain me to give this one away.

And now all I have to do is piece together a couple of backs, and this and its boy counterpart, my Modern Meadow baby quilt, are ready to be quilted. Any thoughts for some cool backs, for either of these quilts? And I’m linking up to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story and Sew Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations—head over there to see more modern sewing projects.

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  1. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    Not sure why you're so unhappy with it, I think it looks fabulous. I'm sure when we're putting these things together we focus on it way too much, really. Take a step back. I'm sure you'll love it too!

  2. Elizabeth D.
    Elizabeth D. says:

    Lee, this looks awesome! I can't see where you would want to rip one out, but I understand, I think we all do that to ourselves after we finish a quilt top. I think this turned out just beautiful.

    As for a back, what about a super-sized full lattice, in the center, sashed by your Kona Stone?

  3. Angela D.
    Angela D. says:

    This is so awesome! I love your interpretation of the Lattice Quilt. I think this will have to be my next quilt after I finish up my current project. Thanks for sharing.

  4. traceyjay
    traceyjay says:

    it's beautiful! Don't change anything lady. 🙂

    I stayed up until midnight last night to get all the blocks done, and beat the boy up this morning to lay them out on the floor… but he woke up and likes to destroy whatever is on the floor, so I was rushed, and I'm not sure I'll be really happy with my lay-out… so I understand your pain. 😉

  5. Diane
    Diane says:

    Wow, this turned out great! It is so beautiful.

    I have messed up putting blocks together so many times I have sticky notes that I use to label them r/c

  6. Bry
    Bry says:

    It looks beautiful!! And I can't tell that any of the blocks look like an odd placement so I am not sure which block you are unhappy with, but it looks pretty fabulous to me!

  7. Rachael
    Rachael says:

    We are always our own worst critic! I made a fleece rag quilt for my mom who is a quilter. It was my first attempt at sewing. There were so many things I wanted to change, but my mom loved it. Yes, she was my mom, but she said it was perfect for her. Good thing too cause I wouldn't have kept it. Sometimes we have to settle of good instead of great. =)


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