Patchwork Pillows


I did my first official Friday Night Sew-In last night. And I have to say, it didn’t feel much different from all my other nights over the last two weeks! THAT’S how much I’ve been trying to do lately. Fortunately, I checked another big project off my list last night. And I think I’m seeing the light at the end of my to-do list the tunnel.

I recently sold my wonky sun pillow (the second one from the right) in the Quilt Hope In store on Etsy. (Click here for my wonky sun tutorial on Fat Quarterly.) And the buyer asked for three more coordinating pillows! I’ve never really been commissioned before, beyond doing things for friends and family, so that was kind of fun. I’m not sure I want to do that kind of thing on a regular basis, since I have enough of my own stuff going on, but it felt pretty good to be a “professional” for one project, anyway.

The buyer asked for three more pillows using the same color scheme, but with the addition of a yellow-green. She also wanted to keep it fairly simple, and without quilting, in order to bring the cost down a little. So these are the pillows I ended up creating during last night’s sewing session. I think the four of them look adorable together. She didn’t mention what type of room she’ll be using them in (child’s bedroom? sun room?), but I could see them working in a lot of different settings.

I hope she likes them. And I enjoyed the Friday Night Sew-In (even though every night has been a sew-in for me lately). I’m sure I’ll be signing up for it again.

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  1. Tara
    Tara says:

    Very cute! It's cool that you got to make your craft "pay," but I totally understand wanting to work on your own stuff! There's just not enough time!

  2. Staci
    Staci says:

    They made me smile! It snowed at my house overnight, and it's a blah, overcast day. These immediately cheered me up. Well done!

    And if she doesn't like them – send her my way. I'll talk some sense into her. 😉

  3. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    The pillows are so fun and cheery. I may have to commission you to do all mine, no j/,k I just need to get my old self in gear. I am in the process of brightening up my sewing studio so that I will be more inclined to spend time there. But…you have worn me out just noting what you have done in a week. Whew girl, you fly high. I am a new follower via, uh–oh I forgot where I came from. Well one of your peeps. JeanneG from The Learning Curve


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