Giving You the Boot(s) – A Giveaway!


Hot off the presses! The appropriate tweaks have been made, and my Rain Boots fabric from Spoonflower is now “final.”

Many of you may remember that this print was inspired by my daughter’s amazing nature preschool, and it was my entry for Spoonflower’s Project Selvage contest. Since then, I’ve made the scale of the print significantly smaller, moved the boots a bit closer together, and tweaked the colors, especially the blue. I’m really happy with this final version.

So, want some Rain Boots fabric of your own? I hope you do, because I’m giving some away! Just leave a comment on this post with your favorite memory involving nature. Four different winners will each get a fat quarter of my Rain Boots fabric. I’ll choose two winners at random, and two winners whose comments I love. Just leave your comment by Sunday, June 26. I’ll announce the winners on Monday morning.

If you don’t happen to win, never fear—my Rain Boots fabric is now for sale through Spoonflower! Click here for buying options. And if you’re part of the awesome Spoonflower Swap with Gen X Quilters, you’ll be getting a few squares of this from me via the swap. Enjoy!

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  1. LynCC
    LynCC says:

    A mild November afternoon – gorgeous cerulean sky spread overhead – enjoying the breeze as Molly and I lope casually along a path through a cornfield on a Maryland farm with no buildings or people in sight – only corn, hay fields, and woods – suddenly an 8 point deer breaks out of the wall of corn to lope alongside us, a mere yard away, for about 100 yards before silently veering away as we emerge from the cornfield – Molly never alters a stride, though I can tell by her flickering ears that she is consumed with curiosity about this strange creature that has joined our sojourn for a moment in time (A special gift of serenity in nature during a vacation trip north with the horse we used to have. It has been at least ten years, but I remember the moment like it happened just today.)

  2. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    I want it! Still shocked you didn't make it to the next level in project selvage. Maybe if you'd made these mods before hand? Anyways, there's only a few that I'm still pulling for for a novel and whimsical line.

  3. Lara
    Lara says:

    I grew up in tropical North Queensland – Australia, so for me, my best nature memories are stomping in the puddles and having a rainshower during summer rain storms where the rain is warm. Then running inside screaming when the thunder and lightening starts rolling in. I now live down South (where the rain is cold) and will always miss the feeling of warm rain.

  4. Kate
    Kate says:

    When I was a a little kid, my granddad caught a little 6 or 7 inch green garden snake and gave it for me to take to show and tell. (Aside: do you think kids can even take live animals to public schools for show and tell anymore?). Anyway, I was super proud of it– it was in a clear plastic box (with vents of course) and I showed it to any and everyone. But one night I went to admire my snake and it was no longer in it's house. I totally freaked. Now the snake wasn't a pet. It was WILD and thus SCARY. With my parents' help, I eventually found the snake, learned that I didn't have to be afraid of it in a plastic box or out of it, and released him to the wild. akmajor (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Sara @ Sew Sweetness
    Sara @ Sew Sweetness says:

    About 5 minutes from my grandparents' house is a Nature Center. They have an indoor area for kids, for them to learn about different things (how eagles make their nests, what kinds of fish are local to the area, etc.). There are animals inside, as well, that have been injured and are not able to be re-released into the wild (a black squirrel, snakes, a one-eyed owl, a small hawk, turtles, a mouse, etc.). Outside are huge enclosures with a one-winged bald eagle, a fox, a skunk, and two owls. I used to go as a kid, and now all these years later, I take my kids. The bald-eagle is still there! It's really fun, and a great way for them to get up-close and personal with the animals and with local nature!

    I am so looking forward to getting a bit of your great fabric in the Spoonflower swap! Yeah!

  6. Hi, I'm Chris
    Hi, I'm Chris says:

    My favourite memory is when my mum would want to have a chat with her next door neighbour. Whoever wanted the chat would go outside and throw a stone on the roof of the other. That was the call to meet at the fence and chat and they would go on for hours. Now doesn't that put modern technology to shame? Getting outside – the only way to be one with nature.

  7. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    My favourite nature memories tend to be images of the overwhelming scale of the world as compared to me. Lying on my back on the grass watching the huge clouds change for hours (I live on the prairies – we have big sky), driving on the highway on the prairie watching a rain storm form, rain, and finish in the distance before I got there, walking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains, driving through the interior of BC seeing so many trees that your heart sort of breaks, sitting by the ocean – knowing that it is really the world ocean and bits of it touch every shore in the world. That is a small sample.
    Love your fabric!

  8. JuneBug
    JuneBug says:

    I have very many great nature memories… One is of an albino frog while caving in Pennsylvania. Another more recent is of my daughter's first hike in… mary jane shoes. She had a blast, and I was at first appalled at her footwear choice, but she had no trouble climbing up the mountain in those girly shoes!

  9. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    I absolutely love this fabric Lee! I've always been a nature lover but my most fond memories are of learning about nature at Girl Scout camp. Nothing thrilled me more than to be able to identify trees and plants out in the forest. I also always longed to spot an owl at night or one of it's pellets during the day. Thanks for hosting the contest.

  10. Marcia W.
    Marcia W. says:

    Recent nature memory: sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch watching 27 wild turkeys strut and run across the front yard. Your new fabric is really fun and "rib-bit-ting"

  11. Kylie Lloyd
    Kylie Lloyd says:

    What a cute design for kids novelty print. An inspiring idea. Its winter here in Australia so my kids are living in their gumboots. The fabric is very appropriate for the time of year.

  12. Kara
    Kara says:

    I LOVE the little frog on your fabric-so cute, although even cute things become not quite so cute at certain times. Like the other night at dinner when my son ran in from outside with his newest "pet" (a snail) that he promptly stuck in the middle of the table and began eating. Our new rule is no pets in the kitchen!

  13. Scrap,Quilt, Preach
    Scrap,Quilt, Preach says:

    My favorite nature memory involves cross country skis, ponds and buffalo. I had gone to a near by national park to ski after church. since it was warm, it was getting slushy and shallow ponds were opening up. I came to the crest of a path, noticed I would have to ski between two ponds then make a sharp turn in order to avoid the buffalo that were gathered in the shelter of this clearing at the bottom of the hill. I made it, just, screaming madly as I went down the hill , jerking over slush and frozen buffalo poo going past the buffalo only to fall down just out of their sight. I'm amazed I made it that far!

  14. Kate S.
    Kate S. says:

    Lovely pattern! I have so many great nature memories, but the one that immediately came to mind was playing on the beach in Maine when I was a kid – we loved to find starfish and mussels and seaweed, and play on the rocks and in the water. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  15. Allison
    Allison says:

    I have a lot of unfortunate camping memories. Mostly with rain and leaking tents. No fun!
    I grew up in MN though so I have a lot of awesome snow memories…building forts, snowball fights, sledding (my favorite!), etc. I could NEVER leave somewhere that did not have snow in the winter. Just love it too much (not the shoveling though).

  16. Phoebe
    Phoebe says:

    we had a tiny little creek running through our backyard as a child and my brother and i would spend our summer days hunting for crawdads and salamanders. heavenly.

  17. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    love it!!
    my undergrad campus was absolutely gorgeous, full of trees, grass, flowers, every kind of nature possible. i'm looking forward to returning for my wedding this weekend, and spending more time strolling and listening to the birds call

  18. anne
    anne says:

    Oh, I love the fabric! I love to go puddle jumping with my son – love those deep down belly laughs when your boots fill up with water from those really big splashes. My favorite rain memory is being all snuggled up in my sleeping bag when it is pouring down rain outside. Wonderful at night, lovely during the day with a good book. Thanks for the memory. Have a great day!

  19. Leah
    Leah says:

    That is ghtcute fabric! Great job…

    Rain is usual around here… Walked home in it today, oh and the sun was shining too! Only one of my kids was wearing a rain jacket and boots – other two were NOT dressed for the weather!

  20. momto2wasd
    momto2wasd says:

    My favorite memory around nature…has to be the thought of my middle son who loves to be outside rain or shine, communing with nature. Not exactly a memory. Camping as a kid in Morro Bay, CA is a good nature memory. I love the rainboots! I wish it had been in the finals!!

  21. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    When I was a teenager we went to Telluride Colorado to be with my aunt who was having her 1st child. During that visit I walked up to a waterfall and I was in such awe. It was the summer and very warm and as I walked around a corner the air became much cooler and more damp and the next thing I knew a beautiful waterfall was before me. Aww the magic of nature!

  22. FabricDonkey
    FabricDonkey says:

    The first memory that popped into my head was from my childhood. Our best friends rented a cottage and two of their kids and I went deep into the forest and built ourselves a private tent. It was enormous with tarps hanging overhead. I had never done anything like it. I hid my favorite heart shaped rock that I found in elementary school there for safe keeping. It's a very simple memory, but that was probably the most fun I had as a child. I dearly paid for it though – I ended up with poison ivy.

    I love how your fabric turned out! Nicely done. 🙂

  23. Nancy D.
    Nancy D. says:

    So cute! My favorite memory with nature is when my sister and I would go on adventures in the woods next to our house. We would spend hours making up stories and playing around.

  24. Nellie's Niceties
    Nellie's Niceties says:

    Great fabric!! We have regular visits from a little hedgehog family. They live somewhere in our garage and every so often we hear them snuffling around. It's so cute when we actually get to see them traipsing up and down the garden looking for food 🙂

  25. Irina
    Irina says:

    I remember looking for snails after the rain had stopped in our summer house when I was young. My sister and I would have snail races then, it was great!

  26. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!
    My favorite memory of nature is playing in the woods behind our house – my little brother and I would play for hours, pretending that sticks, rocks, and leaves were foods for our pretend "house." Then when it got dark we'd grab jars to catch fireflies – our electricity!

  27. Amy
    Amy says:

    We used to go camping all the time when I was little and at our favorite campground, there was this giant vine in the woods where we would swing over all these plants. Some of the best summer days ever.

  28. Emilie
    Emilie says:

    Oh, I have so many nice memories of camping and such in the wilderness… so hard to choose just one. I do have a very fond memory of bathing in a river that had small waterfalls and several little pools. Very refreshing, plus beautiful background water-gushing noise, sunshine etc. That is one of my favorite memories!
    Thanks for the giveaway and wonderful fabric!

  29. pinkbrain
    pinkbrain says:

    As a teenager I went on many canoe trips with my summer camp. We'd spend 5 days out in the middle of nowhere, singing songs at the top of our lungs, sometimes the only ones in the entire lake. On one of the trips we were goofing off and splashing the girls in the other canoe. We ended up tipping over and had to do a T-rescue. We were laughing so hard that the canoe doing the rescue ALSO tipped over. Everything we brought on the trip was soaked, but we didn't care.

    Great giveaway! I love the boots! My son won't stop wearing his rainboots so he'd love this print.

  30. Amy
    Amy says:

    Congrats on the fabric. It is adorable.
    My favorite memories are when my kids were younger we would sit by campfire in the evenings just listening to the relaxing.Thank you for a chance to win.

  31. Hands Sew Full
    Hands Sew Full says:

    I LOVE the rain boots! I have so many great nature memories that it is hard to pick one out but the boots definitely bring one special one to mind. I was born and raised in Northern Ontario (and do now again) but when I had my babies, I lived in British Columbia. In BC it RAINS…..A LOT, the kids don't have snow suits they have rain suits! My son was an inquisitive toddler and not really a rowdy boy but still busy and on the rainy days it was really hard to find dry things to do with him. One dau I was so frustrated by the rain but I didn't want to spread my misery to him so I had to come up with something and I ended up realizing that if you can't beat them join them! So I put him in his one piece rain suit and bright yellow rain boots and we went walking. We walked every where and our mission was to find the biggest, deepest puddles and jump into them and see who could make the biggest splash. He was tentative at first becaues he is not a really messy boy, but once he saw Mamma do it he was right in there with both feet, jumping up and down. We laughed and laughed and had the best day, (then we went home and warmed up in a bath!) He was about 15 months old at the time and now he is 12 and his sister is 10 and whenever it rains here now we all put on our rain boots and jump around in the puddles together. My husband thinks we are nuts, but it makes the rainy days easier to handle and we love having the ability to turn a grumpy mood around! Thanks for bringing back such sweet memories for me!

  32. Laura
    Laura says:

    my favorite nature related memory is camping with my family growing up. I remember once we went to Turner Falls in Oklahoma and swimming through the waterfalls was amazing.

  33. hueisei
    hueisei says:

    Thanks for the chance.. I loves the boots design fabric..Well, my story with nature?? I remembered when I was a student life, we used to have a club camping once a year in the national park in my country. Bad memories each time, because it's raining each time (Raining season). So, our camping side always flooded. So I will spend the camping time moving the belongings to a temporary dry place or rebuilding the camping side. hmm.. not a nice memory though…
    Sorry I have to share with you..

  34. Tammara, Jess and Cory
    Tammara, Jess and Cory says:

    Love the boots I loved them the first time they are so cute. So if i dont win how can I buy some of this adorable material.
    My favorite nature is about 3 weeks ago when we were doing family portraits and my son and his fiance were laying in the grass for the photographer the photos were amazing when we got them back. An even more special because we got to be there when they were taken.

  35. Mims
    Mims says:

    i love your fabric, in part because my own preschooler is obsessed with her rain boots. As for my favorite nature moment, it's really hard to choose… many years ago i canoed about 115 miles of the rio grande in the middle of nowhere texas/mexico. camping at night, the river was often the only thing you could hear. and the stars were really too amazing for words. it was the type of place that made you wonder about how this whole world came to be.

  36. Linda
    Linda says:

    Do you know how much I dislike wearing rain boots?
    They’re ill-fitting, ugly and just don’t suit.

    To splash in a puddle? Or slop in some mud?
    They look even worse when they’re coated in crud!

    But bright boots on fabric is much different, it’s true.
    You see I’d rather sew boots than make mud stew.

  37. Jolene
    Jolene says:

    I just have to get some of this for my son! <3 it!

    I have some VERY fond memories of my son and his rainboots! Oh, my little man LOVES his rain boots!

    Last year, I was telling Colin what our day entailed. I explained to him that he needed to get dressed so we could go bye-bye. He asked his usual list of questions and I explained what he needed to gather so we could get out the door. He gets down from the table and disappears. A short time later, he reappears with a big grin on his face, a winter coat, his funky cap, his undies AND his bright green rain boots– and out the door he ran! Yes, those were the items my 2yo chose as his clothing, and in his mind– he was ready to go! A favorite hat, a winter coat and his BELOVED rain boots on a sunny spring day!

    I have a picture of him out on the porch with those things on! My heart overflows with memories when I see that picture!!


  38. schmidt1016
    schmidt1016 says:

    Love this design! My sister and I have been getting very nostalgic lately. We've reminisced about our childhood when we would go up to a little town in N. WI for a week. The cabins were in a wooded area with a lake. We would swim, fish, and get sunburned. The cabin seemed to me to be like a storybook cottage. The only bad part was having to go out to the outhouse at night. We thought we might confront a bear, so we would run as fast as we could in the dark without tripping over roots!
    That was fun!

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  39. Annik Miller
    Annik Miller says:

    Wow, what a totally fabulous print! When will you be picked up by a major fabric manufacturer?? I can't wait 🙂

    My favorite nature memory is several summers spent on an small island on Leech Lake (in Minnesota) while my father did research for his Ph.D. I loved walking down the narrow paths that crisscrossed the island, especially the field of enormous ferns that were easily taller than me.

  40. Mom C
    Mom C says:

    We have some mountain land. There are several spots where I can sit with my back against a boulder and look off at Zion National Park. It is an incredibly peaceful sensation. I love the mountains, and the peace there.

  41. lizmakesstuff
    lizmakesstuff says:

    When I was in high school, my family went on a trip to the Canadian Rockies. We went on several hikes that were ostensibly "easy" but in reality were anything but. One of them was a 23-mile round trip hike to a glacier. Though it was July (specifically Canada Day!) there was lots of snow on the ground, much of which had never been touched by humans. We had lots of fun playing in the snow that day (we're Florida kids so snow is a novelty!) and we were exhausted at the end of it but it was definitely a trip to remember!

  42. Deborah in Atlanta
    Deborah in Atlanta says:

    My husband and I rode Gold Wing motorycles with a local motorcycle club, and when we'd go out of town for the weekends, some folks would stay at a camp and others (including us) would stay in the local hotel/motel. We always envied the closeness those campers had. So we decided to buy a camper to pull behind the motorcycle. We were soooo excited that first time we stayed with everyone in the campground. We had set up camp right next to the lake at the base of the light pole. We enjoyed the moments sitting around with folks, telling jokes, laughing, making new friends. But then…it came time to go to bed. We climbed in that camper and settled down on the blow-up mattress, talking about how lucky we were, how much fun we were having, how we were going to love camping. All of a sudden my husband said, "I feel like I'm trying to sleep inside a Holiday Inn sign." The top of the camper was green, and the light we had parked under was shining through the top, and it was bright green inside that camper. We started laughing. Then my husband says, "Don't start laughing so hard". "Why?", I said. "If we didn't anchor the supports good, and the legs collapse, this end of the camper could fall down, and we'll drop into the lake." The more we pictured that in our heads, the more we laughed. We got out of the camper and had to walk away from where everybody else was sleeping because we were laughing so hard. Several times, we'd get back in and try to go to sleep, and then we'd start laughing again. Everybody was asking us the next day what in the heck was so funny, because all they could hear was the laughing coming from our trailer. THAT was the only time we went camping with them. We sold that trailer. We just didn't feel comfortable and were always afraid it would collapse with us inside. Oh, and then that "Howard Johnson" sign thing going on. (Funny too, because our last name is Johnson.)

  43. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    Love your fabric design – very sweet! A favorite nature memory is when we went on a holiday camping trip to PEI – for a month we travelled and camped out in a tent! It was the best experience for all of us!

  44. Jenniffier
    Jenniffier says:

    My favorite nature memory is taking my German Shepherd on his first hike. He was just a puppy and he loved it. He sat on top of big rocks, he jumped in streams, he loved being a dog and exploring the world.

  45. Clair
    Clair says:

    My favorite memory that is nature related from childhood…sailing boats in the ditch when all the snow melted. clairjuly (at) yahoo (dot) com

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