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Farmer’s Wife—Week 6


Buckwheat: I think this is my favorite block yet. But not because of the piecing, that’s for sure. I kept screwing up on this block—careless mistakes, like using the wrong size template for some of the triangle pieces, sewing the wrong sides together, etc. But once I buckled down and put some concentration into it, it came out fine. And I’m just so happy with my fabric selections for this one. How cool is that Anthology Fabrics squiggly zig-zag print? It manages to be both vintage/retro and a little exotic, all at the same time.

Butterfly at the Crossing: Another one I’m quite happy with. I just love that yellow print, I guess it makes me happy no matter what block it’s in. Although I don’t know why this block looks so frayed around the edges. It looks like it needs a haircut.

All together now: Looking good. Although, at the moment, I think red is a little more dominant than I would like it to be. Note to self: Scale back on the red for a few weeks.

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  1. Elizabeth D.
    Elizabeth D. says:

    Oooh, I really do like your fabric choices on Buckwheat – totally spot on!! And yes, I love that yellow print in your Butterfly at the Crossing block – what is it?

  2. Linda
    Linda says:

    You're doing a great job with your fabric choices. I do like the red… and buttery yellow, and gold, and light aqua, and aqua… Very nice!

  3. Donna~~
    Donna~~ says:

    Your blocks look wonderful together and are tempting me to want to make some too, but I'm trying hard to resist…just going to attempt to be happy living vicariously through your blocks! 😉

  4. Lucia
    Lucia says:

    Your blocks are so pretty, but the main reason I'm commenting is to say, DON'T scale back on the red. I love how it looks. I read in some quilt book somewhere that a quilt is more interesting (read: has more movement) if the colors used in it aren't used in equal amounts. So, why not have one of your colors, red, be more dominant? It looks great so far, that way!


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