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We’re in the final hours of voting for the Connecting Threads contest, and at the moment I’m still in first place, but by a mere 20 votes or so! You guys, I don’t want to nag (I do that enough to McLurky at home), but if you haven’t voted, it’s now or never! Click here to vote!

And thanks a million times over to everybody who has already voted. I hit 1,000 votes earlier today! Wow, for real? So whatever happens, it is pretty great feeling to know I have all of you guys in my corner. It really is. : )

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  1. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Anonymous, I'm sorry you feel that I'm turning this into a popularity contest. But nearly all of my voters are people who actually buy fabric, which is kind of the point, I think—Connecting Threads presumably wants to pick a winner whose line will sell. And a blog is a legitimate marketing tool for any fabric designer or aspiring fabric designer (that's me). Click here to read Lizzie House's Tip #2 on becoming a fabric designer:

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    True contests hide the identity of the entrants so people vote for their favorite design, not their favorite blog who tell them to vote for them. lol You know that! Still love your blog. Just sayin.


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