Introducing Kaleidoscope Lane


Well, here it is … what I’ve spent the last month working on! I’m pleased with it, and I hope you all love it too.



Kaleidoscope Dot

Glazed Tile


Medallion Stripe

Garden Path

So now it’s up to the Connecting Threads staff to decide whether my collection is the one they want to produce and sell. Connecting Threads will be featuring all five of the finalists’ collections on their blog, Notions, in the coming days, and will announce the winner in the next few weeks.

I haven’t seen the other finalists’ collections yet, so I have no idea how mine stacks up, but regardless of what happens, I’m so glad I did this. I learned a lot about designing a complete line of fabric, including many lessons about how to approach the design process next time (if there is one). And since I’m happy with the end result, I feel like it’s a win for me even if my line doesn’t end up being produced. But of course, fingers and toes crossed that it will be!

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  1. Diane
    Diane says:

    Great job!!! I LOVE them! Love the colors. Love the patterns. What an awesome accomplishment to say that you designed your own fabric line! (whether they pick it or not- though they'd be crazy not to!!) Congrats and best of luck! 😀

  2. occasionalpiece
    occasionalpiece says:

    Terrific!! What a great line-up of prints and colors, patterns and design. I'll bet it feels like giving birth, or something. I admire your skill at being able to do this–congratulations!

    Elizabeth E.

  3. piece peace
    piece peace says:

    Wow! Not only do I think these look fantastic, I think they are prints I could use…a lot! I will be voting for you. I sure do hope you win because I would love to make things with these fabrics. Congratulations!

  4. Jen
    Jen says:

    I've never bought an entire Connecting Threads collection before, but I would buy every single one of these prints in an instant. I hope you win for a pretty selfish reason — so that I can buy this fabric!

  5. Lyanna L.
    Lyanna L. says:

    I'd buy every one of these prints — so fresh and modern! Hope they choose you, if not then maybe someone else will produce it….so I can go buy it of course =)

    Good job!

  6. Teje
    Teje says:

    Congratulations dear Lee!!! I love all your designs! Every print is really beautiful and you have chosen lovely colours which are all really good together! You have made so good work and surely learnt a lot! I wish you good luck and hope that your collection will be 'The One'!!!

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