Weekend Randomness and a Giveaway


Happy Monday! Here are a few shots from my weekend …

We went to the Brewers game on Sunday, and THIS was my lunch. It’s a “barbecue parfait.” Layers of pulled pork, beef brisket, and mashed potatoes, garnished with barbecue sauce and chives. Yes, it was every bit as awesome as it looks. No, I couldn’t finish it. McLurky polished it off for me. But I’ll still need to go to the gym at least 15 times this week to make up for it.

And speaking of McLurks, just look at what my awesome goofball husband did. Yes, that is the scoreboard at Miller Park, and yes, it says “wonky & freshly pieced hexi blocks rule!” I love that it didn’t occur to him to put something like, “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife.” (My birthday was Friday.) Nope, not my husband. LOL. (Sorry about the cruddy iphone photo taken through the ball screen.)

Since I had such a fun weekend, let’s kick Monday off right—I’m giving away some Aurifil thread! Have you used this stuff? I’ve only used Guterman’s up until now—mostly because it’s available at Joanne’s. I mean, it’s just thread, right? But having used Aurifil for a few weeks now, I get why people love this stuff. I’ve had no thread breakage or tangling with Aurifil thread, and I actually think less lint has accumulated in my machine since I started using it. Everything just seems to run more smoothly. And Aurifil is easier to get ahold of than I expected—I found a shop just 15 minutes away that carries it. Not much further than Joanne’s, after all. Aurifil is also available on Amazon.

So, would you like to try some 100% Egyptian cotton thread? I’ve got trial packs with all four of Aurifil’s thread weights, plus a spool of their wool thread, to give away. Just tell me what message YOU would put on the scoreboard at a major sporting event. What do you want the world to know? How much you love Aurifil thread? That your kid got an A on his math test? The awesome thing you had for lunch today? (But whatever it was, it won’t beat the pulled pork parfait. Sorry.)

I’ll randomly choose four winners on Thursday, Sept. 15. For more information about Aurifil and their thread weights, click here. Good luck!

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