WIP Wednesday: Anniversary Edition

That’s right! WIP Wednesday is one year old this week!
Hopefully you already saw my big finish of the Original Supernova. Completing that long-term WIP was my way of kicking off this week’s celebration. But wait–there’s more! Today I’m featuring the 8 original WIP Wednesday linky ladies from one year ago. And of course, what would a party be without a giveaway?
But first, I want to thank every one of you who has linked up to WIP Wednesday over the past year. WIP Wednesday got its start after I had already done a few of my own (non-linky) WIP reports, and Elizabeth had the genius idea that I turn those weekly posts into a linky. That first week, eight people linked up. A year later, look how it’s grown! I love hearing that WIP Wednesday motivates people and helps them get things done.
Another shout-out goes to the 8 wonderful ladies who linked up that first week. You guys have been with me from the start, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I also think these 8 bloggers represent a nice cross-section of the many quilters who link up each week. So instead of my usual WIP rundown (which will return next week), I thought it would be fun to find out a little more about their WIPs.
What is the largest number of WIPs you’ve had going at any one time? Looks like it was back in June, when I was averaging more than 10 projects at a time, like WIP Wed #30.
What is your longest-standing unfinished WIP? Right now, my longest WIP is definitely my Single Girl quilt. The top has been finished since March, and I can’t seem to bring myself to attempt quilting it. It’s king-size, and though I’ve quilted 3 queen-size quilts, there’s something about those extra 10″ or so that keeps freaking me out. I’m fully aiming to finish this quilt before the end of the year.
Tell us about the WIP finish in the past year that you are most proud of: I think my favorite finish at the moment is definitely my most recent finish—Fabricland. The design is near and dear to my heart and it is just so soft and perfect for snuggling.
Leila of Sewn by Leila
What is the largest number of WIPs you’ve had going at any one time? I would guess that I average 5-7 fairly active works in progress. We don’t count the ones that haven’t seen the light of day in over a year, right?
What is your longest-standing unfinished WIP? I have been quilting for 10 years, ever since a friend talked me into going to a block-of-the-month club at a quilt store. My oldest not-at-all-in-progress quilt is that block-of-the-month quilt. What to do for the border has hung me up for years. I think I have decided to do an applique border, but I don’t want to start another handwork project until I finish up my Grandmother’s Flower Garden hexagon quilt—which I wrote about in my first WIP Wednesday post. My little girl and the quilt have both grown in the last year, but they are not finished yet.
Tell us about the WIP finish in the past year that you are most proud of: One of my favorite finishes this year is the Tree Quilt I made for my brother. It was made from blocks from the Bee Improvisational group and I love it. I made a smaller version as a commissioned quilt this fall—I’m still in love with the design. Now I need to make a full-sized quilt for myself.
What is the largest number of WIPs you’ve had going at any one time? Right now I am at my highest. I stopped counting at 20 … way too depressing.
What is your longest-standing unfinished WIP? My grandmother’s flower garden quilt. I don’t know if I’ll ever even finish it! It’s so not my style anymore, and it’s so time consuming. I haven’t touched it since last year and don’t miss it at all!
Tell us about the WIP finish in the past year that you are most proud of: My Dr. Seuss quilt for the baby! I think it’s super cute and I was actually able to finish it! Amazing in itself!
What is the largest number of WIPs you’ve had going at any one time? A guess would be about a dozen (everything from cut pieces to finished quilt tops all ready to quilt).
What is your longest-standing unfinished WIP? That would be my first quilt, started for my boyfriend at the time, who’s now my husband of 19 years. I finished it last year on our 18th anniversary.
Tell us about the WIP finish in the past year that you are most proud of: In the last year, it would probably be my first Project Linus quilt … made from an old UFO that I dissected and split up into 2 smaller “charity” quilts.
What is the largest number of WIPs you’ve had going at any one time? I would have to say somewhere around 6 or 7.
What is your longest-standing unfinished WIP? Ironically, it would have to be my Apple Core Quilt and my 2010 scrap quilt, which I wrote about in my first WIP Wednesday post. Before I started blogging, I was actually pretty good about finishing a quilt.
Tell us about the WIP finish in the past year that you are most proud of: That would have to be the memory quilt that I made for a friend. It was a quilt that I designed myself and I just love how it came together.
What is the largest number of WIPs you’ve had going at any one time? I had to laugh at this, since I probably have the longest list of WIPs on the planet. There are somewhere in the ballpark of 30 in various stages.
What is your longest-standing unfinished WIP? That would be the very first quilt I made, the Sherbet quilt. It took 3 months to start, another 3 months to piece the top, another 3 months to make a back, then another 14 months (give or take) to get to the quilted stage. How many months until I bind it? Who knows!
Tell us about the WIP finish in the past year that you are most proud of: I think my two favorites would be the Sleepytime Baby quilt I made for my cousin’s baby, and the collaboration quilt made with my mom and sister for my friend’s baby.
What is the largest number of WIPs you’ve had going at any one time? I don’t keep track of my UFOs, but if I had to hazard a guess, I would say I have close to 20. I host a lot of swaps on a quilting forum and I need to get all of those blocks into tops and get them quilted!
What is your longest-standing unfinished WIP? That has to be my Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill Travel the World swap quilt. I hosted a swap in 2005 with 50 quilters. We each made 50 blocks using either the Sunbonnet Sue or Overall Bill pattern, so that we all received 1 block from each swapper. I have yet to make those blocks into a quilt, but I plan to do it someday!
Tell us about the WIP finish in the past year that you are most proud of: It is my Friendship Piggy Quilt! Friends from a quilting forum that I frequent are always sending me pig fabric, because they know my husband and I collect pig pottery. Over a period of 5 years, I received many fat quarters, and finally I had enough to make this quilt. I use it on my couch to wrap up in at night—it’s like receiving a super hug from all my friends every time I use it!
What is the largest number of WIPs you’ve had going at any one time? I’ve had as many as 6 projects on my WIP list and have worked very hard not to increase that number, as I have little space in my house for storage.
What is your longest-standing unfinished WIP? Sliced Coins is my quilt that has been on my WIP list the longest, as I joined the Sliced Coins Quilt-Along with Elizabeth back in January. The quilt top is finished but has been languishing in my closet (where I have most of my WIPs) for months. I would like to finish this one up, as it is destined for a spot at the end of my bed.
Supernova - Finished
Tell us about the WIP finish in the past year that you are most proud of: Honestly, my greatest WIP is my Supernova, as I was instantly drawn to the pattern/quilt-along when Lee first announced it. As I moved through the QA, I felt my skills getting better, and although the finish is not perfect, I learned a great deal about quilting. Supernova is now folded nicely on my couch and joins me on my lap on the nights I actually have time to sit on the couch.
Well thanks, Susan! And thanks to all the ladies for the fun run-down, and for being there for my fledgling linky a year ago.
As a thank-you to you all for making this linky what it is, I’m giving away fat quarters of Lotta Jansdotter’s new line, Echo. I’m crazy about this line and I love her designs. Two winners will each get 8 FQs of this fabulousness.
Chance #1
Link up to this week’s WIP Wednesday.
Link up any blog post from the last week, featuring a work-in-progress. That means there must be something unfinished somewhere in your post. Posts with only finished works will be disqualified.
• You must link back to my blog, Freshly Pieced, either in your post or on your sidebar.
• The linky closes tomorrow morning at 2 a.m. Central time, so you must get your links in by then.
Chance #2
Between now and Tuesday, November 15, comment on as many WIP Wednesday links as you can. Whoever comments on the most links gets an FQ bundle.
• Leave a comment on this post telling me how many links you commented upon. You must leave your tally in a comment on this post by Tuesday, November 15, at 1 p.m. Central time.
• I will be verifying the winner’s comments—if you win, but you don’t have as many as you reported, I’ll move on to the next person.
• If more than one person ties with the same number of comments, I’ll draw a winner from those top commenters.
One comment per link please.
• This part of the giveaway is open to everyone, even if you don’t have a blog.
UPDATED TO ADD: So far we have five rock stars who have commented on every single link! (Minus their own.) So at this point, to be eligible for the giveaway, you must comment on every link—your own link and my post do not count. Those are still very good odds, so keep commenting!
Good luck! I’ll announce the winners in next week’s WIP Wednesday linky. Thanks again for linking up with me, and here’s to another year of WIP Wednesdays. : )


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  1. seaschell
    seaschell says:

    I found WIP Wednesday sometime over the summer and I linked up for the first time last week! It's always fun to see what everyone is working on. Thanks for hosting a great linky!

  2. Katy Cameron
    Katy Cameron says:

    Happy anniversary, I linked up for the first time this week, though I've been commenting on posts for months :o) I shall make it my mission to make it through the entire list this week!

  3. Heather D.
    Heather D. says:

    Whew it was a busy day!! I managed to comment on everyone's posts and it was awesome! So motivating to actually go to these blogs and read their stories and see what they're up to. Granted, I didn't do a whole lot else yesterday but it was fun.
    So my entry is 145 minus my own link, for a grand total of 144 comments left!

  4. Jessica Pierre'auguste
    Jessica Pierre'auguste says:

    I guess I am learning about this a little late as you have been have WIP Wednesdays for a year now. I would love to know a bit more about what you mean by linking up. Is there an original post in your archives that you can direct me to that will explain what you are doing and how to participate? I could scroll through the archive list but at this point I am supposed to be sewing and not surfing through blogs. I must get off of this computer! Thanks

  5. Julie
    Julie says:

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary to WIP Wednesday!! If we're including your post then I too have commented on 145 links. I commented on every single link except my own, and even went back and verified them ;). Hey, some of the comments had to be moderated, I wanted to be safe! I totally saw Mary giving me a run for my money too. We both really want those fat quarters! LOL Thanks for making that part of the giveaway. I've slacked off on checking out other links and I've found a few new blogs to follow!

  6. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    Happy 1 year anniversary! This was my first WIP Wednesday and a great way to jump into the fray! It was also a fun way to lure (insert evil cackle here) folks to my new blog which doesn't feel quite so uninhabited anymore!

    I've visited and commented on every single link, including yours, which makes 145. I also commented on my own, in response to a question by a commenter, making the count 146.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway chance for this yummy fabric!

  7. Elizabeth D.
    Elizabeth D. says:

    I commented on all of the links, including yours which should make 146 (145 linkers + you). Happy anniversary again, so exciting – and happy 1000 followers to you, too, I just noticed that!!

  8. Julie
    Julie says:

    So, do I need to go back and comment on my own to get to 146, or are you taking that into consideration and still counting those of us who don't comment on our own? Can you tell I'd really like to win this fabric? lol

  9. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    Well, I chased after Mary and Julie and Elizabeth and have now commented on every link and also yours. I think if Julie is just being keen if she comments on her own!

    I usually do go and look at all the linked projects for each week that I link up and the time is well worth it so this time I did stop to comment because you asked so nicely. And I have to say, as of this minute, my post has 86 comments which has been very fun too. Thanks again for hosting this link, the group of people are fun and the projects always inspiring.

  10. Cille
    Cille says:

    What a great few days it's been – I've visited all the entries and left a comment (except on my own). So that means 144 visits and 144 comments. I usually try to visit as many WIP's as I can but going though them ALL was great. I found a few more must-follow blogs and got a ton of new ideas.

    Lee, congratulations on your WIP anniversary and thanks for taking the time to do a WIP every week. I really appreciate it.

  11. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Happy 1 year anniversary! i've been participating for about 4 months and I look forward to it every week so thanks for organizing! I visited all the links and left comments (except my own) – so thats 144 + yours= 145 comments.
    I try to visit as many as I can weekly, but I loved seeing them all! great new blogs and projects!

  12. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    Wow, we clearly are a keen group loving on that fabric! So, being an A-type personality, and appreciating Jennifer's clarification of the rules, I'm going with my final 145!

  13. Marsha C
    Marsha C says:

    I did it!! With my slow computer it's taken days, but I've officially commented on all but my own (#105) which makes 144.
    This has been a great week for my blog post too with 20 comments. The most I've ever had!

  14. Christie, Describe Happy
    Christie, Describe Happy says:

    I have so been enjoying this celebration… and I just finished going through each and every site that linked up! I think I am following no less than 10 new blogs and I feel like I have made even more friends along the way! So, 144 blogs visited, and 144 comments made along the way (minus mine which is #61).

    And I have to admit my want to quilt list is nearly tripled with everything from tree pants, to weekenders, to crumb quilts, and applique… I'm so inspired by all the types of quilting this group does!

  15. Allison
    Allison says:

    happy anniversary! thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for hosting such a fun link party every week! I love stopping by to see what everyone is sewing, even if I don't have anything to share.

    thnaks for the giveaway, and the creative rules! I've had so much fun visiting everybody's posts & have found some new-to-me blogs to follow 🙂

    I've commented on 144 posts, all except my own which is #67.

  16. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Well, it took a while, but it was well worth it. I commented on all the links, except my own. I am totally inspired and have found some new blogs to follow.

    Congrats on a year of WIP.

  17. Allegory
    Allegory says:

    Whew. Unless I messed up a button press somewhere I've commented on 144 posts, so every one except my own.
    I love that WIP Wednesday is a year old. I had soooo much fun checking up on what everyone was doing!

  18. Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting
    Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting says:

    Lee – this was a wonderful idea! I got around to a few so far and I am following their blogs too! Please contact me I would like to offer a Quilting Gift Certificate for another time that you have a giveaway! I am receiving such nice comments on my post as I also see as I hop around that everyone else it too! What a great idea!

  19. Leila
    Leila says:

    Done! I left a comment with everyone except for #120. I couldn't get the link to work – did anyone else have this problem? I even tried to google her, but all I could find was a cached version of the page with no pictures and it wouldn't let me leave a comment. Weird.

    Yea! for WIP Wednesday.

  20. Marci Girl
    Marci Girl says:

    Hi Lee! I made it just in time and commented on every single link (except my own) and on yours, so that makes 145? I don't know, I just know I made it to all of them! YIPPIE! So glad to visit so many new and wonderful blogs!

  21. Foolish Feathers
    Foolish Feathers says:

    I was able to leave 144 not counting my own) comments on other blogs. THey should all show up if they have all been approved by the blogger! I have really enjoyed the few weeks I have been a part of WIP wednesday; it has really giving me focus to get moving on my projects! I pray you can continue this for years to come!

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