A Chevron Tote


I did it! I made another bag! This one is for my wonderful friend Lisa—it was part birthday gift and part thank-you gift for a recent babysitting favor.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’ve never been much for sewing three-dimensional items. If it doesn’t lie as flat as a quilt, it scares me. But sewing more non-quilty items was one of my goals for 2012. Also, I’ve been dying to make a bag out of this yellow chevron fabric ever since I saw these Vera totes that Katie made. So I’m really excited that I finished this bag, and that it turned out so cute!

I used Betz White’s Isabella Tote pattern (available here or here—I love that the pattern includes an option to make this bag out of a repurposed pillowcase). I wanted my bag to be more structured, so I added the optional interfacing, even though I was already using a heavier upholstery-weight fabric. I also did the optional Timtex-interfaced panel in the bottom of the bag. I would have liked to add a pocket on the inside and maybe a magnetic snap closure, but I ran out of time! (Because, as usual, making this bag was a total last-minute decision.)

The only thing I didn’t like about the Isabella pattern is that, because of the way it’s constructed, it isn’t possible to line the bag in a different print. I would have liked a touch of contrast on the inside. But it’s that same construction method that makes it such an easy bag to put together (and makes it possible to use a pillowcase), so I guess I can’t complain about it too much.

Anyway, my friend loves it. In fact, she posted it on Facebook and I had several requests from her FB friends to make bags for them as well! What a nice compliment. But I think Lisa’s tote will have to remain one-of-a-kind for a while (well, three-of-a-kind, counting Katie’s inspirational bags), because I think I need to go back to nice flat quilts now. : )

P.S. The upholstery-weight yellow chevron fabric I used is on sale herefor $7.21 per yard for 54″ wide cuts! What a deal! They have other colors as well.

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  1. Amy DeCesare
    Amy DeCesare says:

    Beautiful!!! I think you've just sold a lot of chevron material. I'm going to go and look for a good deal myself! I wondered how it would look in a bag, and now I'm convinced I love it!

  2. sandyb
    sandyb says:

    Oh my, I just love this bag. I haven't done anything with Chevron but I think I am going to buy me some and make this bag for my daughter for mother's day. She is a "bag collector" and I really think she would love this!!!

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lisa C
    Lisa C says:

    Your bag looks fabulous! It's much more fun to want to make something than to have specific requests from people (at least in my opinion). I guess that sounds selfish but I don't mean it to!

  4. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    You must have triggered a run on the fabric, because they are all sold out. I love your bag. When I was up at my parents this weekend, their local quilt shop had a big display of the Riley Blake Chevrons and the Moda batch as well. Tempting, but I only had a carryon. They stayed there.

    That sunny yellow is so expressive and cheery–thanks for showing us!


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