WIP Wednesday: Screen Time


Well, it’s been a good week and I’ve been mondo productive—except that it seems all my sewing-related progress has taken place behind a computer instead of at a sewing machine. I have been designing like a crazy woman, you guys. So much so that I’m wondering how I’m going to find time to actually sew all of these designs. Unfortunately that means there isn’t lot to show you today, but yes, I have been productive. And I’m hoping to stay on this roll right up until I leave for Quilt Market in a little over a week. Lots to finish up before I get to go play!


Cathedral Square quilt
Completed projects:
Cathedral Square quilt – I’ve basically been clubbing everybody over the head with this one, so you may have seen it already. : ) On the off-chance you missed it, deets are here.

New projects:

Summersville – On my sewing table right this minute: Summersville, Essex Linen, and Thangles. Oh yes, I am armed and dangerous! Not quite sure yet if it’ll be a pillow or a mini-quilt or what. Regardless, I think it’ll be yummy.

• Gen X Quilters’ Charmed Prints QA
• Halloween quilt
• Farmer’s Wife QA
• Figgy Pudding quilt

This week’s stats:
New projects – 1
Completed projects – 1

Currently in progress – 6You know the drill—link up any post from the past week featuring a Work In Progress (WIP). Link back here in your own post, and comment comment comment. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    I think your Cathedral Square quilt in Flea Market Fancy is gorgeous! I love your block in the magazine. And can't wait to see what you come up with Summersville and thangles!

  2. Cille
    Cille says:

    Your new bundle looks very promising – can't wait to see what you do with it. This has got to be the next best phase in quilting – lining up fabric and ponder about what to make of it. Or at least I think so. Doesn't beat the binding though…

  3. diane
    diane says:

    I am itching to sew with my Summersville but haven't decided on a project yet. I might make some of Nova's fabric bowls combined with linen. Your cathedral square quilt is amazing

  4. Becky M
    Becky M says:

    I don't think I've told you yet how muc I love the cathedral windows quilt! It's fantastic,. Can't wait to see what els
    You have up your sleeve.


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