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Summersville Pillow


Hey, look! I made a pillow out of Summersville. And now it’s in Fat Quarterly. It’s a little ray of awesomeness, to wrap up a week that was a bit short on that commodity. : )

I participated in the Designer Challenge for Issue 10 of Fat Quarterly. I don’t think you can go wrong with Summersville, but for this I wanted to do something different than my usual solid white backgrounds (which I know I tend to fall back on a little too easily!). Enter the Essex Linen Yarn Dyes, which I’m just a tiny bit obsessed with right now. Sooooo much texture in these! I did the whole pillow in a double-monkey-wrench block, which is basically a more-condensed churn dash, and set the blocks on point.

Head to the Fat Quarterly website to pick up Issue 10 of Fat Quarterly—this time they’re celebrating all things British. Plus you can check out the details on my pillow and see what everybody else in the Designer Challenge did with their Summersville.

Looking for this fabric? Pink Castle has one color of yarn-dyed linen in stock, plus the entire Summersville line on sale!

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  1. Amy Friend
    Amy Friend says:

    How funny, I have had a stack of Summersville sitting with a yard of Essex yarn dyed linen now for a couple of months but haven't gotten to it yet. Needless to say, I like the combo!

  2. kitty
    kitty says:

    Congratulations Lee and well deserved! This is a great pillow!! The interlacing of the grey makes it very interesting. Perfect quilting choice too!

  3. Shontelle
    Shontelle says:

    Gorgeous! I love the background fabric. I'm the same – always go for white. But this week I stepped up and used, (wait for it)……beige linen! GASP! I really need to get a bit more adventurous, but baby steps. Who knows where this foray into the exciting world of beige linen will take me?

    Congratulations on being published. x


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