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Catching Up


After an insanely busy and eventful summer, this week has been … even more insane.

My oldest started all-day kindergarden this week, and like most moms, I’m feeling pretty conflicted about it. She’s old for her grade, having turned 6 a few weeks ago, so it was definitely time for her to go. Still, it’s been a big adjustment for everybody, including me and my younger daughter, who misses her like crazy! As I got ready to pack her lunch last night, I thought, “Seriously, she has to go there again tomorrow?” Guess I need to get used to this—it’ll only be this way for the next 13 years, after all.

My younger daughter started preschool this week as well. She goes three mornings a week, and I admit that I’m not as conflicted about this one. LOL. Three mornings a week is a welcome break from a strong-willed 3-year-old, but still leaves us plenty of time to play (and butt heads!) the rest of the week!

So lots of sewing-ish things are happening around here as well. I packed up my Supernova quilt and shipped it off for the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at International Quilt Festival in Houston! Supernova will also be traveling around the country with the rest of the MQG exhibit for almost a year afterwards, so I won’t see this little quilt again for quite a while, which makes me kind of sad. But I’m excited about the adventure it’s about to have! It’s not unlike my kids going off to school, is it?

Here’s another bit of excitement: My first-ever collaborative book project is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe
features quilts by 18 talented bloggers, plus their thoughts on modern quilting and blogging. I’m so honored to be included with all these amazing people! The book is gorgeous and it’s very exciting to be published in book form.

Candy Necklace quilt
My quilt is called “Candy Necklace.” The shapes and colors reminded me of those candy necklaces I used to have as a kid. You can pre-order the book right now, and it will be available in December.
And speaking of books, have you seen the news about Craft Book Month, going on all this month at Craft Buds? It’s a huge celebration of all things craft book-ish! I’m so excited to be participating in the blog hop this year, and can’t wait to show you what I’m working on, which is from Amanda and Cheryl’s amazing book Sunday Morning Quilts. (If you haven’t picked it up yet, please do—it’s packed with of great patterns for using up your scraps.) Today’s Craft Book Month posts are by Katie of Katie’s Korner and Sharon of A Prairie Sunrise, and my post goes live on September 17. Be sure to follow along, because of course there is tons of inspiration and giveaways galore.


Improv block with Oakshott Rubies

I’ll leave you with what I’ve spent the past day or two working on—I’m putting together a table runner with that beautiful stack of Oakshott Rubies that I got a while back. Yes, it’s wonky! I can hardly believe it myself. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    I adore your candy necklace quilt! Congrats on the book!
    I'm with you on the kindergarten thing. Luke comes home like a zombie at the end of the day–exhausted and starving! It seems like it's almost too much stimulation for his 5-year-old brain!

  2. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    This post is packed with interesting things, Lee. Congrats on the book, and your quilt is awesome. I think I already preordered but I'll go check. Oh, those ruby Oakshotts are just dreamy. I can't decide what to do with mine but it has to be something special, that's for sure! Sad goodbye to Supernova. But think of all the lucky people who will get to see it up close and personal!

  3. Amy Friend
    Amy Friend says:

    Congrats on the book! My littlest will be off to preschool–just 2 days–starting Tues. I am feeling ok about 4th and 1st grade now (or at least resigned) but I am nervous about the little one going off without me! I hope she isn't as nervous.

  4. Linda
    Linda says:

    Lots of happy news in this post, Lee! Yes, it's an adjustment when kids start school, but you'll have this down pat in a week or less… and then wonder why she's OUT of school so much for teacher in-services and such! Congrats on Supernova making the rounds. That's awesome. As is your book collaboration. You're to be admired, for sure. Good for you!

  5. needle and nest
    needle and nest says:

    My sweetie just started all-day Kindergarten too and it was tough for me to let her go. It took about a week to find our groove, but it's great to see her finally happy to be there every day.

  6. Suz
    Suz says:

    I can't believe nobody has commented on the gumboots! Wow – aren't they cool?? We always find that kids starting school here will spend the first 6 months picking up all the "school" bugs (as opposed to the "daycare" bugs they pick up there) – so they spend half their time at home… only they're grumpy cause they're sick. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  7. diane
    diane says:

    Your girls are so cute. You are going to love those three hours to yourself and find that they go by a little too quickly some days.
    All your projects are a stand out, as usual. Congrats on the book and the traveling Super Nova

  8. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Congrats on that book! I wondered if your break from WIP-ing was because you were working on a project, and then here it is. I'll head over to AMazon after I finish commenting and put one in my shopping cart.

    And congrats also on a Mom's graduation: first day of kindergarten. I didn't cry when my kids went off to their first day of kindergarten, but I was awash when they went to college. I guess I should have gotten it out of my system a lot earlier!

    Your girls look cute, and hope you enjoy that pre-school break.

    Elizabeth E.

  9. Hitch and Thread
    Hitch and Thread says:

    When I saw the cover of this book yours was the one I liked the most. It's nice to see the whole thing here, Great pattern and I love your colour choices. My youngest son also starts kindergarten(your pre-school?) next term, he's just turned 4 and I'm looking forward to a little break from his strong will!

  10. traceyjay
    traceyjay says:

    Um… can I relate about the strong willed 3 year old or what?!? 🙂
    I'm not ready to have a Kindergartner either! *sniff sniff*
    And the quilt looks great! Congratulations!


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