WIP Wednesday: Happy Place


Well, it’s Wednesday, but I don’t have a lot to report this week. I spent the bulk of the week at Disney World with my family, so sewing was minimal.

But we did do a little of this ….

… and this ….

… and this!

So I’m not complaining. : )

And check out the box full of awesome that was waiting for me when we got home:

This would be one (yes, only one!) of my prizes for taking third place in the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild’s EZ Dresden Challenge. It was on my doorstep when I arrived home from the airport—not a bad way to be welcomed home! I should be able to finish a few WIPs with this haul, don’t you think? Thank you to the SLMQG and all the challenge sponsors, especially Simplicity and Gutermann!

And if you just can’t get enough of the master photography shown above, follow me (freshlypieced) on Instagram—there’s plenty more where those came from. : )

If you got more done than me this week, how about linking up? Here are the rules:
1. Link up any post from the past week that features at least one unfinished work-in-progress (WIP).
2. Somewhere in your post, you must link back here to my blog. (Or grab my WIP Wednesday button for your sidebar.)
3. Comment on at least a few of the other WIP Wednesday links. Because what fun is a linky party without comments?

Have a happy week!

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  1. Marsha Cooper
    Marsha Cooper says:

    What fun photos! Oh my….how did she eat that big ice cream sandwich??
    What a prize with all of that thread! You deserve it though, you are such a great person and an excellent quilter.
    Off I go to check out posts in the linky.

  2. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Glad to see you making memories with the family. I'm sure you'll put all that thread to great use–what fun to see that on the doorstep when you know what awaits you: Mt. Laundry, tired family and back to the cooking!


  3. Linda
    Linda says:

    Oh my! We were at Disney World a couple weeks ago, and did the same things you did. Crowded and tiring, isn't it? So glad you could take your children there.

  4. Kristan
    Kristan says:

    Doh! I just realized I used the wrong link in my link up. I linked another post instead of my WiP post. I'm sorry! Forgive me? I love Disney SO MUCH. I'm kind of a freak about it. We had our honeymoon, first anniversary and fourth anniversary/son's first birthday there. Honestly, the place makes me cry actual tears of joy. I can't help it.

  5. Leila
    Leila says:

    I sewed for four hours today trying to get my entry ready in time too! But for some reason I thought that Thursday was the 30th! You gave me one more day! 🙂 Good luck!

    (mine isn't turning out how quite how I imagined — the fabric is crazy busy — I guess that is why one should finish/start before the deadlines, eh?)

    Good luck!


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