Trippy Chevrons


After jumping on board with the Scrappy Trip Along a few weeks ago, I ended up making eight blocks. Then, I guess I just wasn’t feeling the love anymore. They’re fun blocks to make, but I needed to move on to other, more urgent projects. Plus, I have my Warm and Cool quilt that I made in 2011, so I’m not sure I want another one of these scrap-explosion type of quilts around the house.

Trip Along Chevrons

Long story short, I started for looking for ways to use fewer of the Scrappy Tripalong blocks in a quilt. Why not lay them out like chevrons?

Trip Along Chevrons

I took apart three of my blocks so I could turn them into half-blocks. I cut the blocks in half diagonally (adding 1/4″ for seam allowance, of course) and then added a large triangle of the background fabric (Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen in Flax). I like where this layout is going, so I’m rolling with it. There will be two vertical rows of chevrons and the rest of the quilt will be negative space. An entire quilt of these blocks felt too similar to my Warm and Cool quilt, but these bright squares on the linen background feels like perfection to me!

And I’m sure there are many other possibilities with this block as well. A single diagonal line of these blocks across a quilt would be cool. Or maybe some sort of giant asterisk pattern made of out of Scrappy Trip Along blocks? But I liked my chevrons too much to bother trying either of those layouts. : )

Of course, I didn’t have enough yarn-dyed linen for my new plan, and that yarn-dyed Essex is not so easy to get ahold of these days! Most shops seem to be sold out of it. Fortunately, Amanda of A Crafty Fox has it in her Etsy store, Westwood Acres (for the listing, click here). The project had to be put on hold while I waited for it to arrive, but it came in yesterday’s mail, so I’m hoping to get back to this one ASAP! I have other things I really should be doing more than this. Oh, well. Trippy chevrons, here I come!

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  1. Kristan
    Kristan says:

    Lee, you're like a genius. For real. The scrappy trip around the world is not something I'm interested in making for myself, but your version is just so cool. Very unique. It's going to look great!

  2. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    You are a total genius. I haven't really been digging the scrappy trip-along blocks quite as much as everyone else, but I really love what you are doing with yours!

  3. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    Definitely my favorite use for the scrappy trip-along blocks!! A whole quilt of them is too much for me, but I LOVE the use of negative space to balance the crazy!

  4. Angie
    Angie says:

    My favorite take on this scrappy trip a-long quilt thing so far! I've enjoyed checking out all the quilts people have made with their blocks, but the scrapiness of them overwhelms me a bit! Your idea has been the only one to really inspire me to try it out!! Thanks, and I can't wait to see your finished quilt!


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