WIP Wednesday: Guest Hosted by Heidi at Buttons and Butterflies

Guest posting at Freshly Pieced? I am sure Lee is already regretting that she asked me…I cannot be trusted.
Hi, I’m Heidi! *huge grin and wild waving* I blog over at Buttons and Butterflies. I am always good
for a laugh, especially at my own expense! I blog about quilts,
crafts … you name it. And sometimes I pretend to be professional and do a tutorial or
two. On occasion, I shamelessly and blatantly plaster my cute little Button over there.
He is the youngest of my four boys and can usually be found in my studio. Santa just brought him this adorable wooden sewing machine and I can’t get him out!


am so excited about being here because ever since I linked up my first
WIP post, I was hooked!  It keeps me accountable. No stress, just
refocused each week! My google reader is filled with posts from
ladies I found here! I adore the blog community because it
keeps me connected with like minds.
Without further ado, my WIPS!
Doll Crib Set
A doll quilt, pillow cover, and a mattress cover. I
was really excited to finish it this past Friday. I like to think it is the delicious lemonade I made out of lemons!

It is my
first finish of the year and it is my favorite so far!


To find out the details on the actual quilt and the before of the doll crib, you can go HERE! I don’t want to clog up Lee’s space with my glee over this project.


Kiddie Kitchen Dishtowel
For my little Button. Santa delivered a sweet little kitchen set for him. He has been
struggling with my large dish towels on his tiny plastic dish set. I had
some UFO blocks from my Dots and Checks quilt at hand and since I had
already sewn four blocks to make a throw pillow cover that I didn’t
really love?


A dish towel for Button's kitchen from Santa! he is thrilled. Four leftover snowball blocks.
I simply folded it in half
and … voile … a dishtowel for a little tike! I know it isn’t a
traditional towel, but the kid doesn’t seem to mind, so score!
I still had eight blocks leftover.  I just made them into quilted coasters.


Four coasters made from leftover snowball blocks. Putting them away for Memorial Day/fourth of July!
I know, I know. Not a WOW! project. Do me a favor and don’t yawn too hard, okay? Hey, sometimes you just have to get things out of the way to de-clutter for more important things!

In Progress:

Something Folded
always manage to get myself in a pickle. You would think I would learn
to just do things simply, but instead I make it quite complicated! Amy at
the cute life asked if I would contribute to her Something New Sampler Blog Hop. Naively, I agreed to take on a folded block. Of course, I couldn’t adapt a
folded star block to the unusual size for the sampler, so I have decided to
do something different.
something different might end up being something awful. We shall see.
Feel free to check in and see if it is something disastrous or something
brilliant. Low expectations right now around here!
Scrap Attack
not the infamous #scrappytripalong on twitter, instagram and flickr! I
am going to march to my own tune and sing “la-la-la-la” every time I
see it! It is amazing, but I just cannot allow myself to be distracted
from the many projects I need to get done this year! I hope I have time this summer to take it on!


scrap attack involves panels which will be future throw pillow covers. I am using a rip
and stitch method to bring some blues into my very red/gold/green/orange family room.


Definitely going to make a second one.
   I am at the “hmmmmm….zipper or buttons?” stage right now!


Turtle appliqués
of my Butterfly Kisses moms who was so thrilled with her embroidered
blanket she thought of me when she had a dilemma. She found a turtle
quilt set at Pottery Barn that she fell in love with for her newest
arrival. Unfortunately, she could not purchase it because it was no
longer available.
have finalized my turtle sketch and have my fabrics all
chosen … seersucker and Kona solids to liven up the pink quilt she
purchased. All I have to do is find a little time!


Stars and Stripes Hexi Quilt
am determined to do a holiday quilt other than Halloween this year. I
don’t want to stress myself out and try to attempt a Valentine’s quilt,
so I thought I’d be generous and give myself seven months for this one. However, I sometimes amaze even myself
that I can’t stay focused. I thought I would spend the holidays getting
templates cut and the fabrics chosen and pre-cut.
I already have 300+ hexis basted. This was supposed to be my “on the
go” project because I spend quite a bit of time sitting in the car.
Carpool line, lessons, practices, you name it!  However, I have been home
for two weeks and I can’t keep my hands off of it! Whoops!

No progress

I have three quilt tops completed and one top very close to flimsy status. They are officially UFOs.


Christmas quilt (sew my appliqué trees on, piece the two halves, and quilt)

Baby Sean’s Quilt (piece the backing and quilt)
Do. good Stitches (quilt)

Spiders and webs, part deaux (piece back and quilt)
New Projects
have a few projects that I organized last Thursday, but they are not
worthy to introduce yet, however this one is taking some serious shape.
Button’s Twin Quilt
It’s  the last BIG sewing project I have for Button’s nursery. Considering
he is turning two in February, I feel this needs to take top priority. It isn’t necessarily “new”, but it is actually no longer a “in my head”
to do.  You know the ones, right?  The ones you know you have to do,
but can’t seem to start. I can officially say this one is finally taking shape!
I have a pattern designed and fabric chosen.  Now I just have to get to work!
 I can’t wait to visit all the link ups today!
Thank you Lee for having me!
 I am sure you can’t wait for me to leave, I am such a blog hog…..
So what are you working on this week? Whatever you’re sewing, link it up here! Just remember the rules:
1. Link up any post from the past week that features at least one unfinished work-in-progress (WIP).
2. Somewhere in your post, you must link back here to my blog. (Or grab my WIP Wednesday button for your sidebar.)
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34 replies
  1. gale
    gale says:

    That Riley Blake scoot fabric is adorable. I used it last year on a baby quilt. That sewing machine sooo cute!! Your little guy looks like he's having a blast with it!

  2. Cille
    Cille says:

    That is a serious amount of projects 🙂 I totally agree with you on the WIP community. I've found most of my favourite blogs here too and it's a great way to remind myself to keep the pace.

  3. Kathy Felsted Usher
    Kathy Felsted Usher says:

    I really like the coasters, especially the fabric choices. I would use them for more than drinks too- they are perfect to put beneath anything that would tend to scratch. Really nice! Also the pillow covers are great. I don't know how to do the rip and sew method with these strips but it's very nice.

  4. Marjorie's Busy Corner
    Marjorie's Busy Corner says:

    Wow Heidi!!! you have a lot on the go for having a young family…4 little boys…so much fun. I have 3 sons; all grown up and now 4 grandsons. They keep life very interesting… great projects. Thanks for sharing and hosting today.

  5. Tanyia
    Tanyia says:

    First off… ty for hosting this every week. This is absolutely always my favorite block post and hop of the week! <3

    Second… that pillow is amazing! Ty for the inspiration!

  6. Scrapatches
    Scrapatches says:

    Thanks for hosting the WIP Wednesday … my first time linking up today, but I have been enjoying the eye candy every week for some time.

    I am really looking forward to seeing your Stars and Stripes Hex Quilt coming together! The fabrics and pattern for the baby quilt are sew cute, too.

    Have a happy, quilty day … 🙂 Pat

  7. sophie
    sophie says:

    I agree–that sewing machine is the best! And I love the stitch-n-rip pillows. My suggestion would be to use buttons because threads from the ripped edges could end up jamming up a zipper closure.

  8. Erin S.
    Erin S. says:

    Love getting the bonus blog post from Buttons and Butterflies! I only have one son and cannot do half as much as Heidi seems to get done in a day. Great projects!

  9. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I am still making my way through everyone's link ups…the boys do keep me somewhat busy!! And the answer to how I get it done? Terrible insomniac…no sleep!!!


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