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Cartwheels Number Three


As promised, here’s my latest Cartwheels quilt finish—this time in Violet Craft’s Waterfront Park line.

• Buy Cartwheels as a PDF pattern here •

• Buy Cartwheels as a hard-copy paper pattern here •


First of all: Kind of in love with these colors right now. Second: How great is that stripy print as a binding? Pretty great.

Cartwheels for Market
And all that straight-line quilting? Not my favorite to do, but I like how it looks. And I needed to do something very different from the free-motion stippling I did on my previous two Cartwheels quilts! But now the edges of the quilt are a little wavy and won’t lie quite flat. I’m guessing it’ll flatten out after washing, but this quilt is headed to Quilt Market, so I didn’t want to wash it until after that. At any rate, it’s done and shipped off to where it needs to be for Market display later this week, so this one’s in the books.
If you’re a shop owner headed to Market, keep an eye out for this quilt—you can order the Cartwheels pattern or my other current patterns from Checker or Brewer (or directly from me, of course!).
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  1. Thearica
    Thearica says:

    Love your quilt and the quilting is superb! You can always wet the entire quilt and lay it out and square it by pinning it to something lying on the floor. Leave it be until it dries completely and the borders will not wave any more. Of course, if you wash it later you will have to repeat said process.

  2. thecreamsiclecat
    thecreamsiclecat says:

    This was a very fun quilt to make! Now you make me want to make another one, darnit! 😉 Having our first sew-in for a modern quilting friendship group this evening. We meet at a fabulous shop that carries amazing modern fabrics! I'll be doing some shopping with Cartwheels in mind!


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