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Meet the “Vintage Quilt Revival” Quilts: Sugar Snow

Good morning! Let’s take a look at another one of my quilts from Vintage Quilt Revival, shall we? And it might just be my personal favorite from the book.
“Sugar Snow” is a sentimental quilt for me. For the past five years, my girls have gone to a wonderful preschool at a nature center. Every winter, the whole class traipses out to a stand of maple trees on the grounds to collect the sap and eventually make it into syrup. This quilt was inspired by my visit to the maple trees with my older daughter’s class. In the time that has passed since I designed it, my older daughter finished preschool and went on to all-day grade school, and my younger daughter not only started preschool there, but is already only months away from becoming a pre-K graduate herself. Time flies like snowflakes on a gust off of Lake Michigan—which, not coincidentally, is exactly what this quilt is designed to evoke.

There’s more in the book about how I found my inspiration for this quilt and how I interpreted it into the design you see here. Inspiration is such an important part of the process for myself and many other quilters (both modern and traditional alike). So I thought it was only right to include some details about that in the book.

One of the best things about this quilt, hands-down, is the quilting, done by the super-talented and delightful Krista Withers. One of Krista’s signature quilting styles is quilting “ghost blocks” into the negative space of a quilt, and I knew that was just the thing for Sugar Snow.

Thanks for checking out Sugar Snow! Katie is up next, on Wednesday, with another one of her quilts from Vintage Quilt Revival, and you can check out my Stardust quilt right here.

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  1. Erin Quinn
    Erin Quinn says:

    This is simply gorgeous. The colours are so perfect! And the quilting – OMG! AMAZING! I can see why it would be a favourite. I think I have to buy the book, just for this quilt 🙂
    E xx

  2. annieb
    annieb says:

    I love this quilt too. It is hard to tell from the photographs. Did you hand applique the snowflakes onto the quilt, or was the top pieced? I think it was all pieced. The quilted ghost blocks from the machine quilting make it even harder to tell. Beautiful design.


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