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I love Instagram! I think of it as a supplement to my usual blogging activities. So Instagram is where you can check out my progress on my latest quilting projects (progress that might be too minuscule to warrant a post here). It’s also where you can also find scenes from my life that are not quilting-related, if you happen to be interested in that. : ) (If you’d like to follow me, my user name is @lee.a.heinrich.)

But for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, I thought I would start publishing a weekly round-up of my IG photos right here on the blog.
Scenes from my week:
Made the Pioneer Woman‘s recipe for mulled apple cider while watching college football.
Took one zebra and one rainbow unicorn trick-or-treating.
Checked out Elizabeth’s fab book, Becoming a Confident Quilter.

Discovered a picture of my Lifesavers quilt in a recent issue of Modern Patchwork Magazine. What a happy surprise!

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