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Rainbow Mosaic Pillow from Vintage Quilt Revival


This week’s VQR quilt isn’t a quilt. This is my Rainbow Mosaic pillow.

This pillow starts with a relatively simple pinwheel block made entirely from half-square triangles. But this project is in the “Re-Imagined Blocks” section of the book, which is the section in which we make design tweaks to the actual block, as opposed to just changing the settings or colors.

I liked the idea of expanding the design outward—and so of course that meant paper-piecing. : ) It makes for a dynamic design that works perfectly with a rainbow color scheme.

Vintage Quilt Revival is now in stock at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Fat Quarter Shop, possibly your local quilt shop—basically everywhere except Amazon. We have no idea what their problem is. Too busy developing drones to put our book on the shelves, I guess.

Also, just a friendly paper-piecing PSA: Double-check those printer settings, you guys! Whether you’re working from Vintage Quilt Revival or any other paper-piecing pattern, the default printer setting in Adobe Acrobat is often “Fit To Page.” This will result in your templates printing at 95% size instead of 100%, which, believe it or not, will result in a 12.5″ block being a full inch too small. All you have to do is check the “Actual Size” option in the print dialogue and everything will go much more smoothly. The more you know … : )

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  1. Kymberly
    Kymberly says:

    The first time I did paper piecing I didn't realize that my printer was setting some of the blocks at "fit to page" and some at "actual size" until three-fourths of the blocks were done. Took some very creative sashing to get the blocks to all work together. This pillow might be the right motivation to give paper piecing another try. Can't wait to get my hands on your book!

  2. Friederike
    Friederike says:

    I still haven't tried paper piecing, although I always envy the gorgeous outcome (as your pillow!). Maybe I should give it a try with something small like the pillow. Perfect excuse to buy another book 😉

  3. ~Diana
    ~Diana says:

    Your designs are amazing! I may just have to break the "not another quilt book" rule 🙂 (never holds anyway) 🙂 Silly Amazon…missing out on all those sales!

  4. annebowlby
    annebowlby says:

    Oh the drones, taking all of amazon's time! I finally cancelled my amazon copy because the expected ship date they just told me was mid-January! I just can't wait that long to get my hands on these gorgeous patterns! For those interested, Barnes and Noble has a 25% off coupon good today (GMONDAY25). Happy sewing!

  5. Elsa
    Elsa says:

    Love love love the pillow ~ so bright and cheerful!
    I got a note from Amazon saying that I wouldn't be getting my book till early January ~ darn it anyway.

  6. Anne
    Anne says:

    Holy cow, this stopped me DEAD in my tracks! I adore paper-piecing (which I think is the quilter's version of announcing you're slightly insane?) and I love love love this!
    I'm gonna go add this book to my wish list right now! 🙂


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