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Today I’m so happy to be posting about a book by one of my favorite designers—Quilt Improv: Incredible Quilts from Everyday Inspirations by Lucie Summers.

Photo from Quilt Improv

First, let me just say that this book has the most stunningly beautiful quilt photography I think I’ve ever seen. It’s worth the price for that alone. I’m a sucker for quilts on a clothesline. : ) And to be honest, I think there are a lot of very generic quilt books on the market right now. Quilt Improv is so not one of them. Not only is the photography beautiful, it’s … so Lu. I love when a quilt book is designed to truly reflect its author’s style!

Photo from Quilt Improv

I also like how this book is structured. The first section features “Building Blocks,” which are 13 different improvisational units that you can use to create your own designs. The second section features quilt patterns using those building blocks. I really love a book that not only gives you patterns, but gives you the means to create your own unique designs, and this book does that as well.

I decided to make one of the building blocks from the book—I picked the “X” block. And wouldn’t you know it, I realized halfway through that I probably chose the least improvisational of all the building blocks. LOL. Well, I pushed myself last weekend at Jacquie’s improvisational slice-and-insert workshop, so I’ll give myself a pass on this one.

It turned out great, although I couldn’t help trying to make seams match up! (Sorry. It’s in my nature.) I had originally planned to make this into a pillow for my daughter, but I ended up liking the finished product so much that I’m thinking it might become a slightly larger quilt, for a different special person. We’ll see!

I highly recommend this beautiful book, especially if you would like to learn more about improvisational piecing, or if you already love improv but need just a little bit of structure and planning in your process.

The book is available on Amazon. And if you would like to follow along with the rest of the blog hop (and get more chances to win) click here for the full list. Happy sewing!

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    I have not ever tried improv quilting before but the blocks you made and the pictures for the book look gorgeous! With results like those, it is hard not to want to try my hand at it.

  2. Teressa P.
    Teressa P. says:

    I need to get this book. My MIL gave me a ton of scrap fabric (some vintage 70's stuff!) and I wanted to piece some of it together to give to her, like her own memory quilt 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

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