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I’ve had a whirlwind week that included two lectures at traditional quilt guilds, plus of course my trip to the Modern Quilt Guild SewDown in Portland. So I don’t have much to show you guys today, but here goes nothing.

But first, I want to thank the Modern Quilt Guild for a great teaching experience at the SewDown. And to all my students from this weekend: You guys rocked! It was so much fun teaching all of you, and I hope you enjoyed paper-piecing as much as I do. : ) (The pattern shown above is available for purchase here.)

Anyway, I had hoped to get some sewing done at Open Sew time at the SewDown, but as usual I seemed to do more chatting than sewing. The sum total of my progress over the weekend was tearing the paper off all of these paper-pieced units. Um, yeah, not exactly the most productive I’ve ever been. But I was having fun and/or relaxing, so there’s that.


What are you working on this week? Here are the linky rules:
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Have a fabulous week!
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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I really like your gray and yellow quilt! I have a pile of gray and yellow fabrics just waiting for the right concept. Thanks for a chance to win the Koi canvas!

  2. Kelli
    Kelli says:

    That quilt in the first picture is absolutely stunning. STUNNING. And I am awful at sewing or really doing anything with other people. I always end up talking more than working… At least you had good company for all that paper-piecing ripping…

  3. Anne
    Anne says:

    Welcome home. 🙂 I love the shooting star quilt at the beginning, the triangles fading from the background color to the foreground color is a really cool effect!
    Also given how mind-numbing it can be to tear paper of a large stack of blocks, I think it's a perfect choice for a social setting. 🙂

  4. Marly
    Marly says:

    I admire your quilting on the quilt at the top of the page. I'm about to start a similar (at least that's my intention) quilting pattern freehand, so I was delighted to see your photo.
    I love the dragonfly fabric in the stack of Koi Canvas.

  5. Becca
    Becca says:

    I mentioned to someone that she should have her little ones tear paper. She didn't think it was a great idea. Mine is grown and gone, so I don't have minions to do things like that. Those canvas fabrics are divine!

  6. allierae
    allierae says:

    Cool, I didnt know she also did longarm quilting. As for paper piecing, I try to use only freezer paper whenever possible. No sewing through the paper, and so much easier to remove the paper when you're done!

  7. PK Sews
    PK Sews says:

    I would call tearing off all that paper significant progress! Thanks for sharing your work in progress. And thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! The Koi canvas is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Misty Bowie
    Misty Bowie says:

    I've had the Koi canvas sitting in my online shopping cart but have been trying so hard to show restraint. I'm in desperate need of a new laptop bag and I think it would be the perfect thing.

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