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Twin Quilts for Twin Girls


The twin baby quilts that I was working on last week for my soon-to-arrive twin nieces were finished and gifted to the mom-to-be over the weekend. What a fun challenge to come up with baby quilts that were a matched pair, but not identical—just like their future little owners. : )

I found out at the baby shower that they’re leaning toward Rose as a name for one of the babies, so it’s a happy coincidence that I pieced one of these quilts in rosy pinks. In fact, this quilt features one of my recent favorite Kona colors, Pomegranate.
And the other quilt is all in “my” colors—aqua and lime green and teal. I thought it would be a nice touch to do one of the quilts in warm colors and the other in cool colors.
The blocks in both quilts are paper-pieced blocks from Vintage Quilt Revival (of course!). The pink quilt has the Geometric Star block (I guess I’m kind of addicted to doing this block in solids, since I used it in this quilt as well). The pink quilt got straight vertical-line quilting.
 The teal quilt has the Exploding Star block, which has great dimensionality. I decided on angled straight-line quilting for that one. In case you’re curious how I do my quilting, in this case I marked the center quilting line with painter’s tape, using the 45-degree angle in the block and my longest ruler to guide me. I sewed right next to the painter’s tape for that first quilting line, then removed the tape and quilted outward on either side from there, lining up the previous line of stitches with the side of my walking foot. This kind of narrowly-spaced straight line quilting can take a while, but it’s so worth it!
I have to admit, the back on the teal quilt is a lot more fun. Yep, wood grain again—you know how I love my wood grains! This one is from Joel Dewberry’s True Colors collection from Free Spirit, supplemented by a Laura Gunn Painter’s Canvas print. Sadly, I didn’t have any good matching rosy pink prints for the back of the pink quilt, so that one got an Architectures Crosshatch instead.
And the best part of all: My sweet sister-in-law told me after she opened them, “I was hoping I would get a quilt from you! I didn’t even register for any blankets because I wanted a quilt!” I can’t think of a better compliment from a recipient of one of my quilts. : ) Can’t wait to meet these baby girls, and I hope everybody (mom and babies) enjoys their quilts!
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  1. Esther F.
    Esther F. says:

    Amazing quilts! I love the colours and the quilting is just perfect for these quilts!
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    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Thank you for describing your process, as often I find that an interesting corollary to the punch of the finished design (which is fabulous, by the way). I really love the idea that these babies will grow up with some fine modern art to snuggle with, perhaps affecting their sensibilities for a lifetime. What a treasured gift you gave–and what a lovely comment from the mother!

    Elizabeth E.

  3. Sukochi Lee
    Sukochi Lee says:

    Thank you so much for posting these. I have a baby quilt or three to make and had been thinking of white background with only two pieced blocks. I thought thst no one would want a white baby quilt. The dirty factor, you know. But, you have proved me wrong. What size are these?

  4. Hitimbr
    Hitimbr says:

    Lee, beautiful both quilts. You are truly welcoming them into the 21st Century world of their 'entire lives. I was at the Cedarburg Museum of quilts and fibers…. the three huge quilts hanging there with minimal piecing and lovely quilting prepared me for a. New Strong appreciation. For Your Baby Quilts. I realized as I walked the Modern Quilt display…. I must grow to meet appreciatively the present and
    future place for quilts… not only the past appearance… This century of so much distraction …. yes, it may be best Modern… each shall need a peaceful calm bedroom to develope strong, individual, strengths and persona….


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