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WIP Wednesday: Babies Need Quilts!


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
This week I’m working on a matched pair of fun little baby quilts for a matched pair of fun little babies-to-be.

I know what you’re thinking. I can hear your thoughts out there. “Lee—an almost entirely white baby quilt? Really?” But … but … it looks so cool. LOL. I wanted a sleek, modern, very un-girly pair of quilts for these little girls. I auditioned a lot of things other than white, and nothing was grabbing me, so white it was. (Edited to add: The block above is the Geometric Star block from Vintage Quilt Revival.)

And I’ll tell the mother-to-be the same thing I tell every mom who gets a baby quilt (or two) from me: Use it! Wash it a million times! Love it to pieces—literally! If it gets spit up on and drooled on and stained in a hundred places, that means it’s been loved, which is mission accomplished for me. Nothing could make me happier.

What are you working on this week? Here are the linky rules:
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  1. *Cornelia*
    *Cornelia* says:

    Oh Im in love with your babyquilts, those for my girls also include a lot of white, but I dont mind, for this reason we have a washing machine
    love fat quarter shop, one of the two shops I always buy fabric

  2. Kirsty@Bonjour
    Kirsty@Bonjour says:

    You can't win with baby quilts – if you make it dark they'll just spit up milk all over it (white stain), if you make it light they'll have a back-end blow out and leave *ahem* stains on it. Personally, we had a lot more vomit than poo, so white is a good choice I think!

  3. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Our Challenge in guild is to make a modern quilt block. I think this fits the bill…can you tell me the pattern? I can see that it is paper pieced, but what is it called and where can I get it? I love it!

  4. Sel
    Sel says:

    Hee! My first quilt book was "It's Okay If You Sit On My Quilt" by Mary Ellen Hopkins, and I loved the title (and the ethos and the shortcuts and the patterns…).

    So I always tell the recipients of my quilty gifts: "Use the quilt! It's okay; it washes! And I'd rather it wore out than got kept forever in the cupboard!"

  5. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    I love the white! I'm actually making a baby quilt with white in the background right now, so it was fun to see that I'm not the only one! Sometimes white is the perfect choice!

  6. Marly
    Marly says:

    They're beautiful quilts. Whatever colour you make a baby quilt there are going to be stains. Babies excel in stains. Maybe you could give the mother washing instructions, just in case she puts it in the hot wash.

  7. Paula @ Sewy Stuff
    Paula @ Sewy Stuff says:

    Love the quilts! I'm making some "un-girly" things for my daughter who is expecting a girl in July. My daughter is definitely not a fan of pink, so I am making her some green/grey things as green is her favorite color.

  8. Lesley Smith
    Lesley Smith says:

    I LOVE Fat Quarter Shop too. They have great customer service, are always reliable and have wonderful merchandise at a great quality. When I first started quilting a year ago, my mentor told me about Fat Quarter and I haven't looked back since! Best fabric store ever!!

  9. Anne
    Anne says:

    Lee, those are BEAUTIFUL. 😀 And thank you for bringing up that white thing. I have the exact same problem when it comes to baby quilts. I love the look of white (or okay, I will do Snow a lot for a quilt that will get a lot of traffic) but it's often seen as impractical. But I admit, I do it anyway. 😉

  10. quiltingjetgirl.com
    quiltingjetgirl.com says:

    I used worry about a lot of white fabric in my quilts, too… but I've really been embracing it lately and I think those babies are going to love their quilts! And thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for their generosity; I love ordering from them!

  11. Jan
    Jan says:

    I hope I properly linked up. I did not know how to go about putting your WIP Wednesday button so I wrote the blog name and linked it to this post. It worked for my, so hopefully it is OK. Off to leave some love and other blogs


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