Jungle Ave. Quilt


You guys! I made another quilt using Sara Lawson’s Jungle Ave. line, and I never blogged it! Let’s fix that right now, shall we?


I wanted a chance to showcase Sara’s amazing print that brings the “jungle” directly to the “urban.” But this is a classic case of a print I just couldn’t bear to cut up. In small pieces, it would lose its sense of fun and uniqueness. So I made it the background of a single-star quilt design.
I admit, it was a little nerve-wracking using this print for the background of this quilt design. I had to think long and hard about the construction of this quilt, so that it was put together in such a way that minimized the number of seams. Again, I just didn’t want to break up this print any more than I absolutely had to!
That meant triangles. And triangle math. Triangle math is not my forté. But I did eventually manage to come up with a quilt that looked like my sketch. It might not be quite the size I originally planned, but nobody’s perfect. : )
Anyway, I really love how this one turned out. I love how you can take a single star like this one and make it more dynamic, so that the design expands over the entire quilt. And the straight-line quilting on my Bernina was smooth as butter, of course.
Sara’s Jungle Ave. line will be hitting stores in June.
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  1. Kathleen Frost
    Kathleen Frost says:

    Is this pattern available? It is perfect for a young woman who has been after me to make her a quilt. I even have the perfect fabric for it in my stash I'd love to be able to make it..


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