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Gridlock Quilt

Happy Monday! It’s a happy one for me indeed, because I’ve got another pattern to release to you all! And as usual, I’m offering Gridlock as a PDF download on sale for just $4.99 in the first week of release (that’s almost 40% off the normal price). (This sale is now done.)



This is the third in my continuing series of simple, beginner-friendly paper-piecing patterns (Cartwheels and Wavelength are perfect for beginning paper-piecers as well). So if you’ve tried paper-piecing, but don’t feel quite up to the really intricate patterns yet, you can definitely handle this one! Gridlock is basically a string quilt, although it’s a bit more of a modern, geometric take on that concept.

I did my version of Gridlock in Jungle Ave. by Sara Lawson for Art Gallery Fabrics—and Jungle Ave. is hitting stores in the next week, so you can get exactly what you need to make it! (You can still pre-order Jungle Ave. here, and be sure to visit Sara’s blog, Sew Sweetness, here.)

This quilt would also be amazeballs in solids. Can somebody make this quilt in solids, please? : ) I think it has so much potential for fun color schemes. Other print choices could make a huge impact too.

My version was quilted by the amazing and talented Lisa Sipes—she did a slightly different design in each of the rows, and it turned out really fun. The back is just a solid—Art Gallery Pure Elements in Cozumel Blue, to be exact—but I’m so happy that it is, because it really shows Lisa’s quilting to great advantage. It’s gorgeous!

I can’t wait to see what you all do with this pattern! But grab yours now while it’s on sale. Click here to purchase it in my pattern shop, or click here to purchase it on Craftsy. I don’t put my patterns on sale often, so the first week of a pattern’s release is always your best chance to save! (Follow my blog or my Instagram feed so that you’ll always know about pattern releases when they happen.) Happy sewing!

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