Attach a Quilt Sleeve With No Hand-Sewing

I’ve been sewing on my Bernina 750 for almost four months now, and I absolutely adore it—it is an amazing machine that reliably does everything I want it to do and then some. Which means that the announcement I get to make today is something of a dream come true: I’m now officially a Bernina Expert! I am so thrilled that Bernina has asked me to join this group of very talented sewists!
In the coming months, I’ll be posting a number of project tutorials and tips on Bernina’s We All Sew blog. And my first one is available today! Today I’m showing you how to attach a quilt sleeve with almost no hand sewing. It’s true, you guys.
Attaching quilt sleeves has to be one of my least favorite quilting tasks. I mean, it’s tedious and slow. The sleeve a purely functional item that adds nothing to the look of the finished quilt. So anything that can speed up the process is a welcome addition in my book. Bernina came across this excellent video by Felisa Quilts, but since it’s captioned in Japanese and is in centimeters, they asked me to break down the technique in English/inches for all of you.
Click here to check out my tutorial for a machine-stitched quilt hanging sleeve. And don’t forget to follow We All Sew, so that you don’t miss any of my future posts there! I’ve got some fun projects planned—including a quilt-along in October using Bari J’s Emmy Grace fabric! It’s going to be a lot of fun, so join me over there ASAP!
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  1. Carla
    Carla says:

    It's an interesting tutorial but I wonder how strong the sleeve is for larger quilts since the ratio of thread into the quilt vs the sleeve is't 50/50? Have you tested larger quilts? Thanks!

    • Lee Heinrich
      Lee Heinrich says:

      No, I haven't tested using larger quilts – this method is probably best for smaller ones. But I did try forcibly tearing the sleeve from my quit back and it wasn't budging! The smaller stitch length helps with that, I'm sure.


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