WIP Wednesday: The One Where I Painted A Lot


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
You guys! I spent most of the week in Michigan visiting family and going to the AQS show, and since getting back, I’ve been working like a dog to get my new studio up and running.

This all means that I don’t have much in the way of sewing to show you today, but how about a studio shot instead? That’s my current WIP, after all!

I admit, it doesn’t look a whole lot different than last week’s shot. That’s because I’ve spent hours and hours and hours just painting trim—and it’s still not done. There is so much trim in this room. And it all has to get painted because the current color is a hideous yellowish ivory. I don’t know the paint company’s name for this particular shade, but “Pale Vomit” might be apt. In fact, that got me thinking about all the variations on vomit that you could turn into a paint color name: Faded Vomit. Antique Vomit. Vintage Vomit. This is where my mind goes when I’m painting, you guys. It’s not pretty.

So anyhoo, I’ve made good progress in the new studio, and by the time I’m done, all that trim will be a fresh, clean white. But I’m still days away from actually using my new studio. Sigh.

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  1. lelandavestudios
    lelandavestudios says:

    Painting trim work is so painstakingly slow! But your studio space is shaping up beautifully and it will be so worth it in the end! Good luck getting it all set up just the way that you want! Can't wait to see the final space!

  2. Teresa Stanulis
    Teresa Stanulis says:

    I spent last week in Michigan too, visiting family and moving our youngest into his freshman dorm room. It was such a nice break from the heat here in Texas! I look forward to seeing your finished studio. All that white trim is going to be beautiful!

  3. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Pretty trims are important! It will be so worth it! One of my kids rooms has DARK blue and BRIGHT yellow paint on the woodwork (tasteless vomit??!) and I literally can't face stripping and painting it because I can only imagine how many layers there are!

  4. Stephie
    Stephie says:

    Love your new paint names – Sea Sick Vomit is one that comes to mind after a recent ferry ride, haha! It's looking great though Lee and will be so worth the effort when you finally get it done – enjoy 🙂

  5. FlourishingPalms
    FlourishingPalms says:

    Sure love seeing what you're doing, Lee. And it makes me appreciate even more that I have white woodwork and white walls. I don't think I'll ever touch them! They're just too perfect for hanging brightly-colored quilts. Hang in there. You're doing a good thing and it will be worth it in the end.


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