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Fair Isle Sew Along Starts Oct. 23


It’s official: I will be starting my Fair Isle quilt pattern sew-along beginning Oct. 23! We all just need a little motivation to finish a project like this by Christmas, right? Well, join up with the sew-along and let’s knock this one out together. : )

• Buy Fair Isle PDF pattern now •

• Buy Fair Isle paper pattern now •

So we’ll kick things off next Thursday, and then I’ll be posting about it each Thursday after that until we finish the quilt.
 Just eight weeks to a completed Christmas quilt! I’ve even given you a couple of weeks before Christmas to just enjoy it. (Or catch up if you’re behind.) Of course, the idea is to have fun and enjoy this, so don’t feel too much pressure to keep up! It is the holidays after all, so give yourself a break here and there.
The first thing you’ll need for the sew-along is, of course, the Fair Isle pattern. You can order a PDF version here or a hard-copy paper version here.
Got the pattern? Awesome. Now just gather up your fabric and you’ll be ready for next Thursday!
Yardage requirements:
 • 4 yards white solid (background)
• 1-1/3 yards poppy red solid (Kona Poppy is a great choice)
• 7/8 yard Flamingo Pink solid (I used Free Spirit Designer Solids in Flamingo, but Kona solids in Punch or Melon would be great choices too)
• 3/4 yard chartreuse solid (I used Free Spirit Designer Solids in Chartreuse, but Kona Chartreuse would be wonderful as well)
• 5/8 yard fabric for binding
• 4-3/8 yards fabric for backing
The color choices above are to make the quilt in the color scheme I originally used, but I could see this quilt in plenty of other colorways as well. In fact, for my sew-along Fair Isle, I think I’m going to do a red background, and the design elements will be white, light gray, and maybe pale blue. Fun!
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  1. Melia Mae Quilting
    Melia Mae Quilting says:

    Can you tell me what the size of one of the poinsetta rows are? I have a spot that I could use a long runner for and thought that would be super cute with maybe a zig zag row and a checkerboard row added to it? Let me know. But that would be fun. And then maybe I would get it done in time! Thanks!

  2. DeniseMarie
    DeniseMarie says:

    I was happy to receive the updated instructions today because my fabric came in the mail yesterday and I start cutting tonight! I was a little anxious about the solid colors I chose, but I think they're going to look great! I'm using Kona Tomato, Kona Watermelon, Kona Lime, and Cotton + Steel Kerchief for my solids and Kate Spain Solstice Constellation in Snow on the back. Very excited – this is my first sew-along, I hope I can keep up 🙂

  3. Karol
    Karol says:

    I have tried to purchase this pattern by placing it in the cart, but when I attempt to check out, I get a message saying my cart is empty. Tried several times. Is the pattern still available?

  4. Celine
    Celine says:

    Your quilt is stunning Lee and I think I will not resist the temptation to join the quilt-along. Is it Ok to use the picture from your blog to blog about it? I couldn't find a button. Thanks

    • Lee Heinrich
      Lee Heinrich says:

      Sorry Jerilynn! I'm guessing you are on Safari? It seems that Big Cartel's checkout system is not working on the Safari browser. I don't have much control over that – I've notified them of the problem, but in the meantime, you may need to use a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. Everyone on those browsers seems to be able to check out without a problem.

  5. Katy Cameron
    Katy Cameron says:

    I sympathise on the grumps, but hope you get something great to do this weekend! I'm hoping that the local craft show might perk me up a bit, but I'm not entirely holding my breath ;o)

  6. tink's mom
    tink's mom says:

    I'm in and hope I stay in. Starting is easy, staying is tough. Got the pattern and the fabric. Actually have almost all of the background cut already. Did a little everytime I had a little free time so now I have a bunch of nicely labelled baggies waiting for me to match up with appropriate colors.

  7. TakeMeThereTotes
    TakeMeThereTotes says:

    I saw this quilt and really like the pattern. This will be my first ever quilt along. I bought my fabric and my pattern. I spent four hours cutting out and sewing one poinsettia. Had to do a little stitch removal because I did not turn the poinsettia petals in the right direction. After making the corrections, I know it will not take me so long to do more flowers. Thank you for the Fair Isle Pattern and Quilt Along.


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