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My Fire Whirl Quilt in Scraps, Inc.

Looking for a way to use up some scraps? Oh, you are? (How did I know that? LOL.) Well, I’ve got a book for you. : )
It’s called Scraps, Inc., and it’s a beautiful compilation packed with scrappy—and modern—quilts. I’m so thrilled to have a quilt of my own in this incredible volume.
My quilt is called Fire Whirl, and, well, it’s a maelstrom of half-square triangles, is what it is. But what better way to put those scraps to use than HSTs?
Also, I’ve got a super sneaky, Thangles-but-better way for you to make all those HSTs. This slick little method requires no squaring up. Let me repeat: Zero squaring up. Sound good? I hope you love this method as much as I do!

I really, really love this quilt. Scrap quilts are always on my to-do list, and there are several other quilts in this book that are calling my name, including these:

My Favorite Things by Amy Ellis

Overcast by April Rosenthal

Richmond by Sherri McConnell (and I admit I’m a little jealous that my quilt didn’t get to hang on that awesome aqua step-ladder thingy!).

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  1. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    Gah! I do not usually buy craft books b/c I only tend to like one or two patterns but I. Love. This. Book! Am asking for it for xmas but will just have to buy it myself if I don't get it.

  2. rappy
    rappy says:

    This quilt made me go to the Lucky Spools site to look into buying the book – gorgeous. Just a heads up though: That code only took 10% off, not 30%.

  3. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    I'm with Rappy, your quilt is the one that pushed me over the edge, that plus the 30% off. Unfortunately when I went to the Lucky Spools site and entered the code, it only discounts 10%, not 30%. Fabulous quilt though!

  4. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    I ordered the book. And it's only 10% off. But, the price listed is already at a discount. So maybe that total is 30%? I do love that quilt. I have a friend who is a scrap quilt enthusiast. This is a gift for her.

  5. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Lee, you always come up with such interesting designs. I love your quilt! I also love the star one on the green ladder thingie. Really, they're ALL great! Might have to spring for the book, god knows I've got a few scraps hanging around.

  6. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Hi Sandy – it's not really a tip, it's a Thangles-type template that you use, and yes, the template is in the book. Have you ever used Thangles? It's kind of like paper-piecing (but way easier). And there are a few things I don't like about Thangles, so my template addresses those issues.

    Hope that helps! : )

  7. Joan Karst Jolly
    Joan Karst Jolly says:

    I am late to this party…was wondering if anyone might help me out.
    Loved the Fire Whirl, got the book 2 years ago. Finally working on it.
    All of my Hst’s are cut and ready.I am having great difficulty matching what I cut to the colors Lee is showing on her pattern. She shows 1 block. Am I assuming all of the blocks are the same, and just rotated 90. HELP!

    • Lee Heinrich
      Lee Heinrich says:

      Hi Joan – so sorry for the late reply! It is true that you’re making 48 of the same block, and you just need to rotate those blocks to create the look of that quilt. Did you use the template included in the book to make your HSTs? I went back through the math and couldn’t find a problem. Let me know what exactly isn’t working!


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