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My Fire Whirl Quilt in Scraps, Inc.

Looking for a way to use up some scraps? Oh, you are? (How did I know that? LOL.) Well, I’ve got a book for you. : )
It’s called Scraps, Inc., and it’s a beautiful compilation packed with scrappy—and modern—quilts. I’m so thrilled to have a quilt of my own in this incredible volume.
My quilt is called Fire Whirl, and, well, it’s a maelstrom of half-square triangles, is what it is. But what better way to put those scraps to use than HSTs?
Also, I’ve got a super sneaky, Thangles-but-better way for you to make all those HSTs. This slick little method requires no squaring up. Let me repeat: Zero squaring up. Sound good? I hope you love this method as much as I do!

I really, really love this quilt. Scrap quilts are always on my to-do list, and there are several other quilts in this book that are calling my name, including these:

My Favorite Things by Amy Ellis

Overcast by April Rosenthal

Richmond by Sherri McConnell (and I admit I’m a little jealous that my quilt didn’t get to hang on that awesome aqua step ladder thingy!).

Discount: Lucky Spool is kindly offering all of you a discount on Scraps, Inc.! The book is currently on sale right here for 20% off, and you can get an additional 10% off using the code SCRAPS30. Check it out! And maybe pick up a few for Christmas gifts while you’re at it. : )

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  1. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    Gah! I do not usually buy craft books b/c I only tend to like one or two patterns but I. Love. This. Book! Am asking for it for xmas but will just have to buy it myself if I don't get it.

  2. rappy
    rappy says:

    This quilt made me go to the Lucky Spools site to look into buying the book – gorgeous. Just a heads up though: That code only took 10% off, not 30%.

  3. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    I'm with Rappy, your quilt is the one that pushed me over the edge, that plus the 30% off. Unfortunately when I went to the Lucky Spools site and entered the code, it only discounts 10%, not 30%. Fabulous quilt though!

  4. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    I ordered the book. And it's only 10% off. But, the price listed is already at a discount. So maybe that total is 30%? I do love that quilt. I have a friend who is a scrap quilt enthusiast. This is a gift for her.

  5. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Lee, you always come up with such interesting designs. I love your quilt! I also love the star one on the green ladder thingie. Really, they're ALL great! Might have to spring for the book, god knows I've got a few scraps hanging around.

  6. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Hi Sandy – it's not really a tip, it's a Thangles-type template that you use, and yes, the template is in the book. Have you ever used Thangles? It's kind of like paper-piecing (but way easier). And there are a few things I don't like about Thangles, so my template addresses those issues.

    Hope that helps! : )


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