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WIP Wednesday: A New WIP


This week I find myself in need of a couple of quick baby quilts. So I started with the one for the baby whose gender is already known. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Gender-neutral baby quilts are no fun. Mothers who want to be surprised: I totally get it, and I’m sure baby quilts were of very little consequence in this decision, but your surprise is highly inconvenient for quilt-making. LOL.

So anyway, I’ve been sewing upA  HSTs for a baby girl quilt. The cool thing about this quilt is that the baby has two older sisters, both of whom have their own quilts that I made. So I can’t help feeling like this quilt should kinda sorta coordinate with the previous two. Or at least look like it belongs in the same family. Since it will literally belong in the same family. It’s a fun design challenge, and it’s also fun to think about this quilt going to live with two older sisters of its own. : )
Other than that, I’ve been trying to bust out the Christmas decorations. I’m still working on my knitted stockings. Charts and color work are super easy for me, but increasing and decreasing and slip stitches and all that nonsense? That’s where knitting starts to lose me, you guys. So as you can see, I’ve finished the fun part, and now I’m toe-deep in scary things like forming a heel. Wish me luck.
And then there’s the tree. In the past we’ve always put our Christmas tree in the front window of what is now my sewing studio. But since I moved the studio into that room, the tree won’t fit there anymore. We’re contemplating actually moving a leather chair out of the family room to make way for the tree this year. But in the meantime, I decided to splurge on a smaller fake tree for my studio. And it’s white!! I’ve been wanting a white Christmas tree for years. Now it just needs some decorations. That’s another of this week’s WIPs, I guess!

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  1. Zafira Vaxevanidou
    Zafira Vaxevanidou says:

    First of all, choosing a classic pattern for a baby quilt is always the best…the fabrics look grgeous. Second, Gotham quilts has the best Logo for a quilt shop. I simply clicked because their logo is so beautiful! Well done to the designer!

  2. Michelle C.
    Michelle C. says:

    Thanks for the heads-up about Gotham Quilts and its selection of AMB solids. I'm making a quilt with an AMB solid right now. I chose it for the color (because usually I'm a Kona girl), but I'm pleased with the way it's working. Best wishes on your baby quilts!

  3. treadlemusic
    treadlemusic says:

    Actually…..I love that tree just as it is—-with only the twinkling lights. It so fits with the rest of the studio!!!Bits and pieces of Christmas are making their appearance here. Too many clients' quilts to do is putting a 'crimp' in my home dec time!!!!!!

  4. artistswriter
    artistswriter says:

    I sympathize with your frustration about gender neutral quilts! When I don't know the gender, I wait until the baby is born. The mother and baby just have to wait for their quilt!! I have never found this a problem. They are very grateful to get one whenever it is!

  5. Denise Russell
    Denise Russell says:

    Knitted stockings? Looking wonderful! I am not that accomplished a knitter yet, but will put it on my list. I totally agree with you – gender neutral baby quilts always have me scratching my head.

  6. DianeLoves2Quilt
    DianeLoves2Quilt says:

    Last Christmas I knitted a blanket for my son and his soon to be born daughter in a yellow and green variegated yarn as a replica of one he had as a child. I had difficulty getting baby yarn that was gender neutral combination! My thirty-four year old nephew was positively incredulous when he learned that for each of my three kids, born in 1980, 1983, and 1986, that I did not know the sex until the delivery room. We indeed have a few more luxuries these days than we did three decades ago.

  7. artistswriter
    artistswriter says:

    Love the white tree in that room! I can see some of the bright colors in your quilt on it! Not too many, but a few — would echo the quilts! Eager to see you decorate it!! Fun! 🙂


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