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WIP Wednesday: Home Stretch


It’s the Christmas home stretch, you guys. Are you ready? Not me, but it will all get done somehow. It always does, right? Right? : )

So remember that second baby quilt I needed to make? It’s now officially for a boy. So I need to finish up one girl baby quilt and one boy baby quilt, like, yesterday. This photo shows how far I’ve gotten on the boy one—i.e., not at all far. : )

In other news, I managed to finish that Christmas stocking I’ve been working on, and it turned out great—except for the fact that it is strangely, comically gigantic. I mean, this thing is ginormous. The pattern says it should be 20″ from the top of the cuff to the bottom of the heel, but mine is more than 26″. A full 6 inches too big! (No, I didn’t check my gauge before starting, and yes, I have now learned my lesson about that little oversight!) Anyway, I’m contemplating washing it and then throwing it in the dryer, in hopes it will shrink. Is that crazy talk? (It’s alpaca yarn.) Any other suggestions, or am I just stuck with this oddly gargantuan stocking? It’s like something Hagrid would knit. LOL.

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  1. ~Kelie~
    ~Kelie~ says:

    Unfortunately I didn't get much done as far as gift sewing this year, I always tell myself "I will start early so I don't get behind" this year with everything going on in my life, I just never started! Oh well, there's always next year and always "just because" gifts right? lol thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Sandra Walker
    Sandra Walker says:

    Love your handknitted stocking; being alpaca, it should shrink up nicely in the dryer. I've done that before with wool; just check it part way through. I also quite like your boy quilt colour choices–refreshingly different! Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. JanineMarie
    JanineMarie says:

    I have a great admiration for knitters. I have knitted some things but have always been mystified by gauge. I'm glad to see that I am not alone. But when it's a stocking, it's okay. More room for presents! Your boy quilt fabrics are delicious!

  4. Barbara Beyun
    Barbara Beyun says:

    Lee, if you are a consistently loose knitter, like I am, who doesn't like to check gauge, like I don't, next time try using a smaller needle size right off the bat. I know if a pattern calls for a size 8 needle I will start out trying a size 6.

    If you fill your stocking, will the weight of the stuff inside stretch your stitches out too much? The fabric you've created should be firm enough to support whatever you have inside the stocking. If your stitches are too loose, then maybe intentionally felting the stocking won't be such a bad thing.

  5. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Thanks for the excellent tip about needle size, Barbara! That's a good suggestion. As far as stretching the stocking, I was actually going to line it with fabric for more stability.

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