I’m On the “Me Being Crafty” Podcast

Good morning! Looking for a podcast to listen to while you’re sewing today? I’m on the newest episode of “Me Being Crafty” with Tsoniki Crazy Bull!
Tsoniki and I chatted about my creative process, behind the scenes at WIP Wednesday, and much more. Tsoniki is so easy to talk to and I had a lot of fun being on the show—I just finished listening to the episode, and for once I didn’t even cringe at the sound of my own voice. LOL. So head over and give it a listen. You can also subscribe to “Me Being Crafty” on iTunes and Stitcher.
And yes, I pronounce “blog” and “block” with a hard-core midwestern/Wisconsin accent. You’ve been warned. ; )
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  1. Terri Ann
    Terri Ann says:

    Oh wonderful, I hadn't heard of this podcast yet. I love hearing behind the scenes and in depth conversations on crafting so I'll have to go check out your interview!


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