WIP Wednesday: Demo Blocks

This week is all about QuiltCon prep for me! How about you? Does everybody have their class supplies together?
I’ve been busy making Faith’s Ribbon Star blocks to use as demo blocks in my Off the Grid class (not to be confused with my own Ribbon Star block, which is here). I’m especially excited about Off the Grid, because it’s a design class, and design is what I most love to talk about. We’re going to spend the class workshopping alternate layouts until we collapse onto our design walls. : )
Oh, and I’m not just teaching, I’m taking a few classes, too! So I’ve been gathering pearl cotton for my embroidery class with Allison Glass—embroidery is a new skill for me, and I’m really looking forward to a few hours of relaxing hand-stitching during what is sure to be a hectic couple of days spent in Austin.
That reminds me: Are you taking one of my classes at QuiltCon? Don’t forget to check your class supply list! If you haven’t checked your supply list yet, I have bad news for you—you’ve got a lot of homework to do in the next week or so. Because I’m mean like that. LOL. But seriously, if you’re taking one of my Advanced Piecing classes, there’s some cutting you need to complete before class (we have a lot of blocks to get through in a short period of time, so it’s crucial that you have your fabric cut ahead of time). And if you’re in Off the Grid, you need to bring completed quilt blocks (any completed quilt blocks) with you to class.


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