Supernova Friendship Swap Winners


I was so excited when Stephanie and Michelle of Late Night Quilter decided a few months back to do a Supernova Friendship Block Swap! Supernova was my first quilt-along, four whole years ago now(!), and that design is still one of my sentimental favorites, so it was a delight to see it get a whole new lease on life with the Supernova Swap. All of a sudden, Supernova blocks were all over my social media feeds. And I loved that it was a friendship swap, too. So fun!

And Stephanie and Michelle were nice enough to let me pick the swap giveaway winners! It was not an easy task—check out the Supernova Swap Flickr group to view all the amazing finished quilts by swap participants. In the end, I chose the quilts by Jen Van Dyke of Jennifer Under the Juniper Tree and Kris Jarchow of Sew Sunshine as the winners.

I thought their color usage was amazing, so saturated and bright. And the back of Jen’s quilt is like another whole quilt unto itself, so there was that. : ) I also loved how Jen’s quilt had straight-line quilting at right angles, while Kris’s was straight diagonal lines. The quilts are clearly a matched pair, but they’re not identical, and I love that!

I also want to give a shout out to a few others that were favorites of mine, and gave the winners a real run for the money. I loved loved loved the hand quilting on the quilts by Ashlee Schnell and Kate Yates. I think those two may have convinced me to make yet another Supernova and try hand-quilting it! I also really loved the ones made by Maya Toscani and Cathy Ledbetter—there is some seriously amazing quilting on those two quilts as well! Check them out!

But really, I thought everyone did an amazing job with their blocks, so thank you all for participating in the Supernova Swap! And thank you to Stephanie and Michelle for organizing it! What a fun swap all the way around! : )

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  1. Jen
    Jen says:

    I had a great time making this quilt and meeting a new friend! Thank you so much for the cool quilt design and for saying such nice comments about our quilts! There were so many beautiful quilts made, I wouldn't have been able to choose!


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