Jewel Box Quilt Tutorial in Liberty Lawn


Have you guys had a chance to sew with Liberty Tana Lawn yet? It’s like the fabric equivalent of a glass of lemonade on a summer day, so light and refreshing. I would say it falls right in between quilting cotton and voile as far as softness and consistency. I found it very easy to sew with—it may be a bit stretchier than quilting cotton, but not to the extent that it will cause you much difficulty. It’s a fun option for quilting.

Liberty prints have such a strong, recognizable look that I think they often work best with simpler patchwork. I just don’t want to distract too much from the beautiful works of art that are the prints! So I’m going to show you a tutorial today for an easy Jewel Box baby quilt, which I think is just perfect for Liberty. This quilt sews up quickly and looks amazing. : )

Jewel Box Baby Quilt
Finished block size: 8″ x 8″
Finished quilt size: 32″ x 32″ (4 blocks across by 4 blocks down)
(This tutorial makes 16 Jewel Box blocks, but you could triple it to make a quilt that is 48″ x 64″ – 6 blocks across by 8 blocks down.)

Fabric requirements
• 8 fat-eighths of various Liberty Lawn prints
• 2/3 yard of background fabric (I’m using Kona Steel)

Cutting requirements
From each Liberty fat-eighth –
(1) strip, 2-1/2″ x 20″
(2) squares, 5″ x 5″

From the background fabric –
(8) strips, 2-1/2″ x 20″
(16) squares, 5″ x 5″

Making the quilt

1. Sew a background 2-1/2″ strip to each Liberty 2-1/2″ strip, the long way. Press seams open or toward the background fabric (your choice).

2. Cross-cut each strip set into 8 pieces 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″, as shown.

3. Sew together the cross-cut units into 4-patch units measuring 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″.

4. Make (32) 4-patch units.

5. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back of each 5″ Liberty print square. Pair each Liberty square with a 5″ background square. Sew 1/4″ out from the marked line, on each side, to make 32 half-square triangles (HSTs).

6. Cut HSTs apart on the marked line and press open. Square up your HSTs to 4-1/2″ by lining up the diagonal line on a 4-1/2″ square ruler with the diagonal seam and trimming.

7. Each block is made up of two HST units and two 4-patch units. Sew together as shown, pressing seams toward the HSTs.

8. Arrange your blocks 4 across by 4 down and sew together. That’s it! Told you it sews up quick! : )

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