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WIP Wednesday: All Done.


WIP Wednesday is cancelled today, because I finished all 47 of my current WIPs this past week. That’s right, I’m done. With all the things. That unfinished baby quilt? Check. The Christmas quilt that I bought the fabric for five years ago and then never even cut into it? Yep—pieced, quilted, and bound, no problem. My Farmer’s Wife quilt that I started in 2011? Sure, why not. Knocked that one out last Thursday, easy peasey. All these years of writing WIP posts, and I never realized I could just bust these out in a week and be done with it! How silly of me!

Ha ha ha, JUST KIDDING!!! Happy April Fool’s Day! Don’t worry, I can assure you that all 47** of my current WIPs and UFOs are still very much intact. Fortunately or unfortunately, there’s as much reason as always for me to host WIP Wednesday. : )

Anyway. It’s Spring Break around here, so my kids are home with me this week, but I plan to be a piecing fool anyway, all week long, because my new pattern quilts have gots to gets done. Looking forward to showing you more when they get to the point of actually looking like something!

And I now have three letters done on my embroidered sign, 10 to go. It’s a little wrinkled from being on the frame, but you get the idea. I have a feeling this project really is going to take me right up until the deadline in May!


What have you been working on? Don’t be shy, let’s see it!


1. Link up any blog post or Instagram photo from the past week that features an unfinished work-in-progress (WIP).
2. To link an Instagram photo, click the Instagram icon at the bottom of the link-up screen, and use the URL of your IG feed as the link (for example, my URL is www.instagram.com/lee.a.heinrich). Please hashtag #wipwednesday.
3. If you are linking to a blog post, please link back here to my blog somewhere in your post.
4. Comment on at least a few of the other WIP Wednesday links, either IG or blog—commenting on the two or three links directly before yours works well to make sure everyone gets comments!
**May or may not be an accurate accounting of all my current WIPs. And I’m not telling whether it’s under or over. : )
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  1. hydeeannsews
    hydeeannsews says:

    that was a good one! i forgot what day it was and was wondering what the catch is. =) maybe by next april 1st all those 47 will be done and you'll have some new ones instead.

  2. lalaluu
    lalaluu says:

    Brilliant! You totally had me until you mentioned that your Dear Jane quilt was done…are those ever really finished? Most of the time the answer is NO! That's why I'm not doing one; I'll leave that to you and all the other special folks out there that love tiny blocks and lots of 'em. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    Ha, that was pretty funny, Lee! Okay, here's something else that is funny and NOT an April Fool's joke. This year so far I have completed 14 quilts. Well, a few of them just need the binding, but the binding is made and just needs to be sewn on. This includes my, ta da…Farmer's Wife quilt. It is done done DONE! I can hardly believe it.

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