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WIP Wednesday: Reassessing


Good morning, and happy Wednesday! I’ve spent the past week and a half since returning home from Quilt Market feeling the weight of months of hard work finally lifting. In the last 8 months, I’ve released 5 new patterns, developed and taught two new full-day workshops, lectured at countless local guilds, and much more. It was often just way too much. So instead of sewing over the last week or so, I’ve been assessing where I want to go next.

And the answer is: Kinda nowhere. For the next few months at least, I’d really like to get back to what I used to do, which is just sewing what I want to sew, and blogging about it. I love designing patterns, but it’s amazing how the “industry” can change the way you do things, and even what you do. I feel like the cart has been driving the horse for me recently, if that makes any sense, and I’d like to turn that back around this summer, and get back to doing what I really love!

So this summer, my goal is to do some fun sewing, and blog about it. The end. I also have some non-sewing-related projects I’m going to tackle around the house—some organizing and minor remodeling. You might see a little of that on the blog as well, though I promise not to overdo it with the non-sewing-related content! (And of course there will be some sewing involved in the house projects too! How could there not be?)

And I’m starting with this project, a loooong overdue baby quilt. (It’s one of those cases where the baby might not even be a baby anymore by the time I finally get it to the recipient! Well, what can you do?)

One other thing of note: Don’t forget to check out my new quilt pattern, Chevron Star, which went on sale yesterday—it’s on sale for $3 off, today and tomorrow only! This sale is now done. Click here to purchase.

But enough about me! What are you working on? Let’s see it!


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  1. ChonaHomegrown
    ChonaHomegrown says:

    I never post on your blog but I have been linking up for last couple of years so I wanted to tell you thank you. Everytime I go onto your blog I am amazed by what you accomplish each week. Your designs are beautiful too. We women can and do do everything we are capable of in the world and so for someone like you who is super talented, its easy to over do it. Good luck sporting it out. And thanks again for all the inspiration.

  2. Karen  - Quilts...etc.
    Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from. One reason why after one quilt that I did on a schedule for someone I said never again. I do not want to work in a quilt shop, design patterns, write a book – or whatever because then to me my quilting will become work – I just want to be able to enjoy quilting and work on what I want to work on when I want to work on it.

  3. Jayne
    Jayne says:

    You are doing just what you need to do! It's easy getting caught up in the 'festivities', but much harder to slow down and take it easy. Do what you love, take the time and you will be not only rewarded, but re-energized!

  4. Heidi Staples
    Heidi Staples says:

    Boy do I know where you're coming from, Lee. I've been doing some similar reassessing myself lately. There has to be a balance between the work and the play, or else all the fun goes out of sewing — and who wants that? Sounds like you have some good plans in place. Enjoy your summer!

  5. Kim
    Kim says:

    It is refreshing to sew without obligations. I had to reassess what I do recently also and it is such an eye opener. Have fun!

  6. lmno
    lmno says:

    I am so glad to hear that you will be back sewing for fun. You are really good at this and so generous to share how your time is spent. Thank you.

  7. Karin
    Karin says:

    I can relate a little. I've been working on two quilts for wedding gifts (one was 100% paper pieced) and I'm just so ready to start something else and work my way through it slowly. Basically just enjoy myself without a looming deadline. My next quilt is going to be for me and I'll finish it whenever I feel like it!

  8. artistswriter
    artistswriter says:

    I understand where you are coming from, Lee. It's like writing books. It's one thing to be the creative writer. Quite another getting it to the finished product and to the consumer! You have to be tough and committed! Enjoy your down time! You've earned it!! Have fun sewing for fun this summer!! We'll be watching!! Jane xo

  9. JanetD
    JanetD says:

    Yeah for recharging by seeing what you want to sew! That's exactly where I am this summer- I've been sewing some quilts with deadlines- my own deadlines of grandbabies, family reunion auction quilt, etc. Finally down to MY list!! And taking the time to do what the mood calls for!! So energizing!!! Looking forward to seeing what you work on!

  10. CapitolaQuilter
    CapitolaQuilter says:

    Taking care of YOU is the best thing you can do for everyone, burning out isn't good for anyone! Thanks for taking the time to keep WIPWednsday going, it's always been a favorite for finding likeminded quilters and cheering one another on. Happy Summer.

  11. hydeeannsews
    hydeeannsews says:

    your new patterns are awesome and i'm sure you had fun when you were actually with people at all those events, but think you are very wise to go back to the beginning and "just" sew and blog for fun. being authentic and making for yourself will be some much more pleasurable and produce such better results than being driven by the industry. enjoy yourself! i, for one, will enjoy seeing what comes of it. happy summer sewing!

  12. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    It's so easy to get super busy with the "business" part of this industry when you're as talented as you are. I've gone through periods where the demand started taking some of the fun out of quilting. You're smart to stop and find some balance. Decide what works for you and your family and don't be afraid to say no when necessary.

  13. Sigi G
    Sigi G says:

    I can relate to the overwhelming business. So happy you will be taking some 'time out'! I can also relate to the baby quilt episode – I am in the same situation right now :)!! Oh well, we'll just make the quilt a little longer in length – right!?! Enjoy your summer!!

  14. quiltytherapy
    quiltytherapy says:

    Good for you. Can't wait to see what you create as you as just sewing. Put some play back into it. Maybe it leads to nothing, maybe it leads to your next direction or inspiration.

  15. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    I totally get the reassessing. I'm sitting here and distracting myself by reading blogs (finally) instead of writing pattern instructions…your kaleidoscope blocks are really pretty. Yes, take a deep breath and do some fun sewing.

  16. Pat
    Pat says:

    I know the old saying is 'Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.', but I know from experience that you can also ruin what you love by turning it into a job. So good for you to step back and take a breather You will be better for it in the long run.


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