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Making my Fair Isle quilt? How to keep those seams straight!


Just dropping in with a quick tip for those of you who are working on my Fair Isle pattern!

Do you find that your seams bow a little when you’re sewing together long strips of fabric? (And of course, you have to sew together long strips for Fair Isle.) Click here for a quick video that shows how to keep those seams nice and straight. Wish I would have thought of it myself. : ) Enjoy!

You can buy my Fair Isle pattern here, and don’t forget, my Fair Isle Quilt-Along posts from last year have lots more tips for making this pattern!

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  1. Busy Quilting
    Busy Quilting says:

    This is a tip from making Bargello Quilts. Sew all strips in pairs first ie 1+2 3+4 with the even strip on top. Then sew the pairs together with the. Then sew the pairs together with the even strips on top again. This will have the pairs being sewn together from the opposite direction.


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