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WIP Wednesday: Scrap-Happy


Happy Wednesday! Here’s what’s happening in my studio this week:

Lately I’ve been itching to make a something extra-crazy-scrappy, so I’ve started sorting through my scraps. I’m running out of room in the scrap bins, so I need to use up as many of these as possible! I had considered an Irish Chain, but now I’m thinking about something that will give more real estate to the scraps. Maybe just a simple postage stamp quilt? Hmmm.

Still working on the kaleidoscopes. Oh, yes. Still. : )

And I got my hands on this book recently, so I’m excited to try my hand at some upholstery! Upholstery: A whole new use for fabric. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to try it! In fact, my dining room chairs are in desperate need of a little attention, so a full review of this fun book will be forthcoming.

Okay, what are you working on? Let’s see it!

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  1. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Your blocks are great! Sorting scraps, ironing scraps, folding scraps and cutting scraps is not always a pleasant process. But once I start on the project and start seeing it all come together, makes it all worthwhile! Scrap Quilts are exciting and unique, they are a pleasure to create. Have a great day!

  2. Anita
    Anita says:

    Upholstery is fun! I have fabric on the way to me from Fabric Spark to recover my dining chairs with Cotton + Steel "Scattered" linen canvas.

  3. Kelly O.
    Kelly O. says:

    I too have desired something scrappy as of late so I have begun a scrap vortex quilt with Amanda Jean Nyberg. I'm not nearly there yet but am enjoying the improv process.

  4. Kath
    Kath says:

    Love, love, love the cover quilt on Jackie's new book. I can't hardly wait to get a look inside to see what else she has to share. And upholstery? Really? I've watched it done by several other people but never had the urge to try myself – look forward to your review and reveal. ktsquiltdreams (at)gmail (dot)com

  5. Beth
    Beth says:

    Just seeing how organized your scraps are makes me want to dump my huge basket out and start making piles of color. But then…what to do with them? That's where I always get stumped. Until I know the next step, everything is swirled together, leaving me with scrap-organization-admiration. (Sounds better than envy.)

  6. Kathy L Billings
    Kathy L Billings says:

    You are an inspiration. While cleaning out my garage I found 3 boxes of scrapes I had packed away from our last move (that was 11 years ago). I've been sorting then by color. It's an over whelming job.

  7. Becky Forbes
    Becky Forbes says:

    I recently was given a BIG BAG of scrap fabrics from my Mom that she has been accumulating since I was born from things she has made. I've been looking for the right quilt/quilts to make with these treasured remnants:-)

  8. terrieannie
    terrieannie says:

    Zen Chic lines just get better and better…which is amazing because every line has been so AWEsome! I'm newly retired and thus on a self imposed fabric budget, but this is one line worthy of my limited funds!

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