WIP Wednesday: In the Kitchen (Still)


Good morning! I spent the past week continuing to plug away at my kitchen project. I can’t believe this project has taken me the entire summer. Still, progress has been slow but steady, so I guess I can’t complain. In fact, I finished the last of the painting this week, and it’s looking amazing!

Also, this week I learned that peel-and-stick wallpaper is SUPER FUN AND AWESOME. It’s so easy to hang! I found this herringbone pattern on Etsy and wallpapered the inside of my glass cabinets with it. (I haven’t installed the new glass doors yet.) So cute!! If this stuff weren’t so darn expensive, I would tempted to paper my whole house with it! I’m already on the lookout for other peel-and-stick wallpapering opportunities. : )


Okay, so what are you working on this week? Let’s see it!

1. Link up any blog post or Instagram photo from the past week that features an unfinished work-in-progress (WIP).
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  1. Sorcha girl
    Sorcha girl says:

    I love the glass front cabinets!! Having this type of cabinet has always been on my wish list. Thanks for the updates on your kitchen re-do. It looks like you will have a beautiful, gathering place for the holidays, Thanks for the introduction to Dragonfly.

  2. Linda Cejnar
    Linda Cejnar says:

    My work in progress is a sampler quilt from 2014. I seem to spend more time on my computer than at my sewing machine and so it is taking me a long time to finish. It will go to my eldest daughter (she's 32), who lives in Northern California. Please email me at ljbisme at msn dot com.

  3. Rineke
    Rineke says:

    I love your kitchen! In my free time I'm working on painting our hallway. But not these weeks, yesterday we returned from holiday in Italy. So no painting or sewing now, but doing the laundry. .

  4. Rebecca Grace
    Rebecca Grace says:

    I absolutely love the wallpapered cabinet backs! That is a great way for someone to incorporate ANY wallpaper that they really like, but maybe it's too expensive or the print would be overwhelming to use it on the walls. Sometimes a little goes a long way, you know? Congratulations, your kitchen is looking fantastic!

  5. Susan McG
    Susan McG says:

    I love the herringbone on the back of your cabinets. It's just the right amount of pattern – a graphic statement without being overwhelming. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Marianne
    Marianne says:

    Love that wallpaper! Never heard of it before. You do realize you're going to have to change your counters now! Lol! How did you deal with brush marks on your cabinets? I've never been satisfied with things I've painted by hand for that reason.

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