WIP Wednesday: Geese Everywhere


Good morning! It’s a crisp fall day here in Wisconsin, which means one thing: There are Canadian geese in our backyard. And that means one thing: Little “gifts” left all over our yard by the Canadian geese. Ughghggh.

They love hanging out under our apple tree. I’m not sure if they’re eating the fallen apples or the bugs that are attracted to the fallen apples, but either way, they’re constantly waddling over to check things out.

My dog chases them off on the regular, but they seem to have learned that she goes back inside eventually and venture their way back as soon as she’s gone. (She’s 13.5 years old and still loves to chase the geese away. She’s the best.)

But this has all inspired me to work on some much cleaner, prettier geese inside the house. I’ve got a fun little holiday-themed project underway that I should be able to show you in the next few weeks.

My doggy won’t need to chase these guys away. : )

Okay, so what are you working on this week? Let’s see it!

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  1. artistswriter
    artistswriter says:

    We have those darn geese year round! The hiking trails are an obstacle course! Fortunately they do leave and try out other ponds for a few days, sometimes a week or two. And then. . . they're' Baaack!! I wish someone would take them off the endangered list so some of them could bite the bullet!! (Pun intended!!) Oh, well!! Your quilt geese are much nicer and fun to watch the quilt evolve!

  2. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    You have such a big, beautiful back yard, Lee. When the Canada geese were endangered we loved seeing them. Now they are so common that it seems we see them near every pond we pass here in Ohio. Your indoor geese are beautiful. They look very serene.

    Thanks for hosting WIP Wednesday. I appreciate it.

  3. Gunilla
    Gunilla says:

    Oh, the Canadian Geese leave their not so small presents at the beach where we go swimming… Ugh.. But the indoor geese, love them!!! Looking forward to see what you will make!


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