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WIP Wednesday: Spin Cycle


After last week’s lack of progress in virtually everything, I was hoping for major productivity this week, but alas, my machine had other ideas—it decided it needed some time out at the sewing machine spa instead. So with Thanksgiving bearing down on us, I decided to keep busy with another one of these knitted Christmas stockings. You might remember that I knitted one last year and it turned out comically huge. This one looks like it’s actually for a normal-sized human being—so far, so good.

Also this week: Now that sewing is my job instead of “just” my hobby, I’ve found that actually washing and using my quilts has become something of an act of courage. I mean, what if somebody wants to put that quilt in a show or photograph it for a magazine? What if it’s no longer 100% perfect for my trunk shows? (Okay, it wasn’t ever 100% perfect in the first place, but you know what I mean.) But an important tenet of modern quilting is that quilts should actually be used, and I’m still very committed to that. So today, my Fair Isle and Wavelength quilts are taking their first trips through the spin cycle (accompanied by several Shout Color Catchers!), and then they will join the pile of quilts next to my couch that are available to be used by the whole family. That’s not to say you won’t still see those two quilts in my future trunk shows—it’s just that when you do, they might show a few more signs of being “loved”.

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  1. Cut&Alter
    Cut&Alter says:

    That knitted stocking looks amazing …. and very difficult! I have always wanted my quilts to be used and love that others do too ….. As you say it will just show love!

  2. Allison
    Allison says:

    I grew up with lots of quilts for each family member to snuggle up in. While neither my mom or grandmother made them, even at a young age, I still appreciated them and always loved searching out my favorite fabrics or blocks. Hope you stay warm this winter!

    Greetings from Germany where quilts are very needed!

  3. DianeLoves2Quilt
    DianeLoves2Quilt says:

    It is uncanny how in sync with my "mood of the moment" your posts are. I am gearing up to knit a Christmas stocking for my four month old grandson. The one I knit for his dad a few years ago also came out ridiculously huge so I am with you on that one – although my son-in-law took great pleasure in pointing out to my daughter how I must love him much more that her based on stocking size. You can see their relative sizes at the end my post as Jeremy vs Robin
    It takes great courage to wash a quilt but I have now gotten in the habit of washing it before I give it to the recipient. It lets me check out and correct any color bleed and it also makes it soft enough they will use it and not be afraid to wash it themselves.

  4. charlotte
    charlotte says:

    Love your stocking so far. Also, I am glad you are using your quilts. It would be so sad if you didn't. I have finally finished piecing a second Fair Isle quilt for my daughter. I hope to get it quilted in time for Christmas.

  5. Kate
    Kate says:

    There are some quilts that are hard to let go of, but what good are they up in the closet. But it's still hard to let them be loved by the whole family.

  6. Jen Frost
    Jen Frost says:

    Hi Lee – sharing a different type of quilting today: scrappy pieced upcycled cards! 🙂 They're a fun way to use up those scrap pieces of fabric and thread left from making quilts…plus a really nice way to make someone's day with a handmade card. Thanks as always for hosting!

  7. Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich says:

    I have the same struggle with the to-wash-or-not-to-wash inquiry! Not that I'm a professional, but I approach big finishes as if they're being saved for something.. (Not quite sure what, ha!) Surprisingly, I've found you can eliminate quite a few wrinkles with a simple pressing in the event you need to restore a quilt to an almost-unwashed state (a tip I picked up from Rita of RPQ).


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