Make It Madness Quilt Pattern Tournament!


Hey! Have you guys seen this? Craftsy is doing a “Make It Madness” quilt pattern tournament—and my free Kissing Fish pattern is one of the 15 patterns Craftsy selected to compete! But you all have to vote to move it on to the next round and eventually make it the big winner! And just by voting, you’re also in the running to win a free Craftsy class, so it’s a win-win. : )

Click here to vote, and for more info (including all the other match-ups), here is Craftsy’s post on the tournament. Enjoy the madness!

P.S. They had to put me up against Heidi of Buttons and Butterflies?! I love Heidi, so I guess if there’s anybody I don’t mind losing to, it’s her! Now, go vote!

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