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Summer Sampler 2016 Block 9: Curves Block


IMG_8872 So, I admit, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy Block 9. It’s beautiful, of course, but I mean, look at all those curves. Ugh, right? But I was pleasantly surprised! These curves aren’t as tight as the ones in the Trail Crossing block, so they’re actually a bit easier to sew, and I had a lot of fun with this one. I still struggled a bit getting things to line up (or at least as close as possible to line up), but eventually I got it close enough. : )

IMG_8873This is also the first time I’ve really deviated from the Summer Sampler quilt block graphics that you’ve all seen. I decided a little color gradient was in order for this block, and went for it. I’m happy I did! I love how it turned out.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s Curves Blocks on Instagram, under the hashtag #summersampler2016. And if you want to join us in making the Summer Sampler 2016, you still can! In fact, you could even start in the middle and catch back up on the blocks you missed later—we’re laid back like that. : ) Click here to subscribe to Summer Sampler 2016 – all new subscribers get immediate access to all blocks that have already been released.


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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    I don’t know, Lee. I had more success with your Trail Crossing block than this one. I must be doing something wrong with my curves because I had plenty of trimming room with your block. While these were oversized, on mine, all the extra was on one side and I couldn’t trim them to 1/4′ and still have fabric on the inside edge. Now I have to figure out what I’m doing wrong.
    Also wanted to share with you that your Trail Crossing block is my daughter’s favorite. She’s mentioned it a few times so I’m pretty sure there are more of them in my future!

    • Lee Heinrich
      Lee Heinrich says:

      Oh no! Sorry Karen – are you sure you creased the curve and the outside piece in the middle, so that the centers were lined up? If the centers are lined up, I’m not sure why all the extra would be on one side.


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