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Summer Sampler 2017: Block 12 – Ombré Star



It’s Monday, so it’s Summer Sampler block day! And we’re on Block 12 already! This week we’re doing Ombré Star, designed by yours truly.

IMG_1882And it’s a cool little block if I do say so myself! I love what it looks like on point, too. (Want to make your own Ombré Star block? Click here to purchase the Summer Sampler 2017 pattern!)


For this week’s tip, let’s talk about how to make the most of your limited sewing time. The flying geese units in this block are really easy to chain-piece—I like to line up all the pieces next to my sewing machine. Then I go through and sew one side of all the units in a row, chain-piecing them for maximum speed. When I’m done, I pressed all 8 units, trimmed the excess, and then chain pieced the other side of all 8 units. You’ll find that the block goes much faster this way!

Happy sewing, and see you next Monday! Don’t forget to tag your progress on Instagram with #summersampler2017!


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