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Summer Sampler 2017: Block 17 – Shimmer Star

IMG_1978 2


This is it—the last block of Summer Sampler 2017! Can you believe it?

IMG_1978 2

Shimmer Star is by Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts.  I like how the different-sized sections in this one give it a unique look. A great way to finish out the quilt-along!

For my final block tips of the quilt-along, let’s talk about lining up those points where the sections come together. Not the easiest task, but with 17 weeks of practice behind you, I know you all can do it!


Once again, I recommend leaving the paper on your paper-pieced sections as you piece them—this is personal preference, but I find it helps with this type of block. As you’re pinning the sections together, fold back the seam allowance right where those points need to meet up.

As long as your seams intersect right at the point where the next seam will go through, you’re golden (like mine do in the photo above). Pin and sew, keeping those sections lined up where the seams meet. For now, don’t worry about whether the ends of the sections align. It should all turn out fine in the end!

I hope you guys have enjoyed the Summer Sampler 2017 quilt-along! Next Monday, we’ll be releasing the instructions for finishing the quilt, so stay tuned for that!

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