Here I Am

To blog or not to blog. I’ve been debating it for a while.

On paper, I think I’d make an excellent quilt blogger. I love modern quilting—I spend almost every spare minute sewing. I’m a graphic designer, so modern quilting really appeals to my design sensibilities, and I think that qualifies me to write about such things. So what’s been holding me back? I may spend every spare minute sewing, but there aren’t nearly enough of those spare minutes as it is. My little monkeys are ages 3 and 1, which means I don’t have enough hours in the day. If I start a blog, that’s even less time spent quilting, since I’ll have to devote at least a little of the day to blogging about quilting.

But now I’m taking the plunge. I made up my mind when I came across this: The Process Pledge. And it kind of inspired me, because I’ve always thought if I did eventually start a blog, the process is exactly what I would like to blog about. I want to start doing a lot more quilts of my own design, rather than just working from somebody else’s pattern. Maybe blogging my efforts will help me develop that by forcing me to think more consciously about design decisions. And if nothing else, even if nobody ever reads it but me, this blog will serve as a detailed journal of what I’ve made, how I made it, and (hopefully) my improvement over time.

Just bear with me if I let it go a few days (ahem) between posts. My life often doesn’t go as planned, but I suppose that’s part of what’s fun about a blog. So, off we go.